One of the 10 most wanted criminals by the Civil Guard arrested in Bulgaria

first_imgSome of the 10 most wanted criminals by the Civil Guard have been arrested in Bulgaria for belonging to a dangerous criminal organization dedicated to the introduction in Spain and the rest of Europe of large amounts of cocaine from South America and money laundering.The man had gained 50 kilos to change his physical appearance and planned to flee to Venezuela in the next few days.The detainee, of Spanish nationality, was claimed by the Spanish judicial authorities since 2013, when the police, within the framework of the ‘GOBE’ operation, culminated with the involvement of more than 150 people and in which the suspect had the fundamental role of seeking objectives interested in introducing significant amounts of cocaine.In fact, the Civil Guard states that it was the person in charge of receiving those shipments in Spain, as well as raising the money to pay for the narcotic substance at source. A Spaniard was arrested in Bulgaria among the 10 most wanted. Image: Civil Guard He had gained 50 kilos to change his appearancecenter_img Thanks to citizen collaboration and coordination between the Civil Guard, the Bulgarian Police and the Sirene Offices of both countries, it was possible to place that person in a very specific area of ​​the Bulgarian city of Varna, where he had long resided and that he planned to leave definitively in the next few days to Venezuela.The possibility was also considered that the individual, in addition to carrying falsified documentation, could carry firearms in their movements and have significantly changed their physical appearance, being able to have gained more than 50 kilos.201 people arrested in 2018 The Flee of Justice team of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, arrested a total of 201 people during the past year, all of them claimed for compliance with various procedural measures both by the Spanish judicial authorities in the framework of their powers, as by foreign authorities.This figure represents a significant increase with respect to the 159 people arrested in 2017 by this same department, claimed by European Detention and Delivery Orders, and International Detention Orders.The 26 cases of foreigners fleeing Spain, the 26 cases of Germany, 23 of Romania, 19 of Italy and 17 of France stand out. The Civil Guard has moved to several countries to participate in the location and detention of 24 people claimed by Spanish authorities for crimes committed in our country, highlighting the number of actions carried out in Colombia, Romania, France, Argentina and Sweden.Regarding the types of crime that have led to these arrests, three stand out for homicide or murder, two for child abuse and the rest would be framed within the scope of criminal organizations, 16 arrests corresponding to drug trafficking, 9 for fraud, three for money laundering and the rest by different types.last_img read more

Zidane on Bale: “I will always defend my players”

first_imgHow does Odriozola’s exit affect you? We talked about it, we have decided with the club the opportunity that has had to play and that’s it. It’s there, I hope everything goes well, that it has minutes. But he is a charming player and he has not played much, but we have him and he is from Madrid anyway. You will have your chance, for now it is there. I hope I can play many games. Do you see Vinicius better than a few weeks ago? Yes, but like everyone else. He is 19 years old and you have to go easy on him. He has to be ambitious, to do everything he does. We are not going to control that. You have to be calm, we have 25 players and when they are not in the group it is because there are many important players, all these players could have more minutes, but we are happy with everything that all the players do. Every three days there is a match and I have to choose. It’s my job. It will not change until the end. Will you talk to Brahim and Mariano to convince them that they should leave? Everyone has their situation, I speak with the players from time to time. Everyone knows their situation, then the player has to choose and do. I am not here to say what they have to do. If I do, I speak directly with the player. They are here and I will count on them. I will count on them when I can. Sounds for the French national team, do you feel like it?No, because now I am here and very happy. There is a lot of work here, lots of games. My occupation is tomorrow’s game, and nothing else. Some decisions last summer, such as dispensing with Llorente or Ceballos and staying with Valverde, are going well with time … Things are done naturally, you are talking about these cases and it was everyone’s decision. I give 100% and the players too. We are in a good moment and the situation of each one is what it is … We try to make the player comfortable. The most important thing is tomorrow’s game. Do you think your coach image has improved? Neither fu nor fa. What matters most to me is day to day, I am always interested in improving. Grow as a coach, the kind of technician I am. I work on what I love. I was a player for many years, I was lucky to be in the field and now it is different, it is a role that I like very much. Everything they say about me, if the team does it wrong, they will say that it is bad and that everything is a catastrophe. I am interested in what I do, how I evolve with my players. May we be competitive and constant in our game. That never ends, it will talk about me and we have to continue. If we do not, they will criticize me again. How is Hazard, will he reach Atleti? His return I can not say yet when it will be, just started to touch the ball. His evolution is good, he no longer has pain. Starting Monday, he will start working individually with more ball. Little by little it will improve and I hope that I will return soon with the group. For the mental part it would do very well. I can’t say when he comes back, it would be bold. We are happy, we hope to recover you very fast. What is the recipe for this match? I think it’s the spirit we want, that of the team. We are in a good moment and what we want is to continue with what we do, nothing more. We know it is difficult, every three days there is a game, it is another story. And we have to always show the best version we have. Tomorrow will be the same, a very complicated game against an opponent who has lost only one game at home. We will see what we give in the field. Would a team that give a thousand passes and score a goal at the Bernabéu? I tell you, all teams look in the field to win. Then, each one chooses the way to do it. We have ours, each team has its own. I’m not going to talk about what others do, we want to continue with the good we are doing. Each game is different, we are going to focus on making a good game tomorrow. How do you see Bale, again injured? When the player is available, which is the most important thing, that is well. The pity is that the other day he hurt his ankle and is now unavailable. He is the first one who is not happy, he would like to be with us, train and play. But it’s a small thing, I hope to see you with us next Monday. We will see, nothing more. I see him as always, he wants to be with us and play. Are you worried that Bale does not achieve continuity? I always worry if a player is injured. They are the first to suffer, as a coach I don’t like it. I prefer to have problems to make the team having 25 players to have injured. But it is little. He sprained his ankle a little, on Monday I think he will be with us. Does Bale choose when he plays? You can think what you want, I say my thought. When I am with him, what he wants is to always be available, to be with the team. The other day he did a little damage. It’s a small thing, talking to doctors they said it’s a 3 or 4 day thing. On Monday he will be with us and he will not be injured anymore so he can have more continuity to train and play. Does it bother you to have to defend Bale so many times? The other day he scored, I will always defend my players. They are my players, they train every day, they kill each other. Here is a good dynamic. The players want to put the shield of Madrid very high. Each one has its history, but I don’t see it so badly. It is true that he has had some injuries and with that you cannot do anything. Hopefully you can have more continuity, playing minutes will put you in positive dynamics. How important is Casemiro? The other goals were a coincidence, but I’m not surprised that I stepped on the area. He is a player who can climb. Then, it is important, like everyone else. He is demonstrating it, but it is like everyone else, there are 25 players here and everyone should feel they are important. There are many games, we play every three days and we need everyone. last_img read more

Guardiola: “The Premier is over, Liverpool deserves it”

first_imgPossibilities in the Premier ?: “The league is over and Liverpool deserves it. After so many games, if the advantage is what it is, it is because they deserve it. I would like to be closer to Liverpool in the standings, yes, but now we have to finish seconds and at the best possible pace, we still have the FA Cup and the Champions League. “More titles: “In all the big clubs I’ve been to, when you win a title, you take a shower and you’re already thinking about the next one. Winning three Carabao Cup has been very nice but tomorrow we have another game in another competition. The FA Cup is very important for the English and we have to concentrate on it. The most important title of Manchester City was the Mancini Premier because it changed the mentality of the club, it was the most difficult. Those of us who have come later have continued with that path. “ Phil Foden’s future: “I want the best for him. He will have what he deserves. I am very happy for his match at Wembley and for his behavior and his work in all training. He has improved a lot. He is still 19 years old but with this behavior he can get anywhere “.Agüero’s injury: “Okay, you can play tomorrow.”Sané injury: “He is not ready yet. After six months, this is a process. He is taking the necessary steps to return.”last_img read more

Radomir Antic dies

first_imgAnticRadomir Antic has passed away today, as reported by Atlético de Madrid through a statement on its website. The Serbian coach has died at the age of 71, after complications from pancreatitis that he suffered for a long time. He was born in Zitiste, Serbia, in 1948. LaLiga says goodbye to one of its history. Antic was a professional soccer player first, playing for 17 seasons passing through Partizan, Fenerbahçe, Zaragoza (78-79 and 79-80) and Luton, among others. Then he had a long career as a coach, especially in Spain.He is the only coach who has been able to manage the three biggest clubs in our football: Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona. He also went through Oviedo, Zaragoza and Celta, before being a Serbian coach. He also had an experience in China, where he trained Shandong Luneng and Zhongji. As a player, Antic had won the Yugoslav league with Partizan and the Turkish with Fenerbahçe. As a coach, he managed to win two Yugoslav leagues at the controls of Partizan. In Spain, he marked a historic moment at the helm of Atlético, guiding him to the unforgettable double of the League and Cup in the 95-96 season in a legendary team made up of legendary Atletico players such as Kiko, Caminero, Santi, Molina, Simeone … In total Antic led Atlético for five seasons, 189 games. “With the loss of Radomir, a bit of the heart of the club is gone,” said Miguel Ángel Gil, CEO of Atlético. The club’s flag in the Wanda Metropolitano will wave at a duel at half-staff for 24 hours. Radomir Antic managed to direct a total of 495 matches to Spanish teams with a balance of 214 wins, 128 draws and 153 losses.last_img read more

Slovenian Prime Minister charges Ceferin: “The Champions League was a criminal act of spread”

first_imgYesterday’s words from Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA president, have opened up a new domestic front for him. The leader, in an interview with the newspaper Ekipa24, explained in a part of his speech the football scene that stems from the coronavirus crisis. Specifically, about Spain, he saw the bottle half full. “I am optimistic that we will see the conclusion of LaLiga, I am optimistic that we will see the conclusion of the Italian championship as well, and I am optimistic in general. Of course, I cannot guarantee anything, I cannot promise anything. Everything will depend on the situation in each country. It will all depend on whether the circumstances are certain enough that playing football does not endanger anyone, “he explained.The manager of the highest body of European football was also asked in the same interview about the situation in his country and there he was critical of managing the crisis for his pessimism and obscurantism, in his opinion. “They have to say that the situation is serious, but at the same time they must give optimism, hope to the people. We cannot tell people every day ‘that it must explode today and that it will get worse tomorrow’. We cannot do this, people “She will go crazy. We cannot talk like that, because the epidemic will end. I know the Slovenes, I have the information: we respect all measures very well.” We have to give people a positive approach. The situation must end, otherwise the economy will collapse. People have to be informed in a positive way about how to achieve the objective united, not in an apocalyptic way “, sentenced Ceferin, pointing directly to the government led by Janez Janša, to whom his words have frankly misplaced and to which he has responded harshly. In Slovenia the fray is seen as political revenge, since there is a current that awaits the emergence in that scenario of Ceferin, once his time in football ends. Whatever, Janez Janša, Slovenian Prime Minister, has dispatched himself against his countryman and UEFA harshly, aiming at selfishness, money and the games that were played in Spain and Italy, in clear reference to Atalanta-Valencia. “It was an irresponsible criminal act, even more, of spreading the danger, which was not limited to Slovenia. From concerts to soccer shows in Italy and Spain, the virus has spread rapidly throughout Europe and tens of thousands have died and will continue dying. Some concerts and football games were not canceled due to greed for money, even after the World Health Organization delayed its declaration of a pandemic, “he says. Janša as a reply.They ask Ceferin to get involved in politics.Ceferin’s figure in his country rises like foam. The UEFA president was asked about his possible arrival in politics by Ekipa24 and did not rule it out. “I don’t know, it’s hard to say. I never promised to think about it. I have not yet considered running for any of the state positions. I have received some messages and calls, but for now I am the president of the European Federation of Soccer and I’m just thinking about this, “he says. His position seems to make the current political class uncomfortable and direct criticism is seen as a threat. Ceferin, in addition, has been involved in the fight against the coronavirus by obtaining the donation, without Slovenia having to pay a single euro, of 200,000 masks, 20,000 tests and 10 respirators from his friend Jack Ma, president of Alibaba.last_img read more

20 years have passed since the Barcelona squad at the Copa del Rey

first_imgFor those who do not remember the story, I assure you that it is true. Barcelona refused to play the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals from the 1999-2000 season. Today April 24, 2020, 20 years have passed since Barcelona’s debauchery, chaired by Josep Lluís Núñez, to the KO tournament. The Camp Nou was the scene of a match pantomime. A semi-empty stadium for a match that was not played and that unfortunately passed into the history of football. The most resounding precedent of a failure to appear and a subsequent pardon. Let’s remember the facts. The Barcelona had to play the semifinal round against Atlético de Madrid. The mattresses had won in the first leg by a forceful 3-0 at the Vicente Calderón, but the azulgranas refused to dispute that encounter alleging that they lacked players. Barça tried unsuccessfully to get the favor of the Federation and postpone the meeting. He stated that he could not refuse to yield his players to his teams, when the Cup match coincides with a date reserved in the calendar for international matches, and that nine of his players had left with their country. They were the cases of: Rivaldo, Litmanen, Zenden, Cocu, Bogarde, Kluivert, Reiziger, Frank de Boer and Luis Figo. In addition, he had three injured. Further, Federation regulations prevented more than three affiliate members from being aligned. It was a pulse between Núñez and Villar. In which the Blaugrana president issued an order: “Not to participate in the farce in which the dispute of this match would consist. We cannot compete. And we do not plan to make a fool of ourselves. Is it that Hesp should play as a forward?” A threat to the Federation from which it could not, did not know or did not want to back down.Cover of the Diario As of April 25, 2000. The board, along with the support of the Barça coach Louis Van Gaalthey took the irrevocable decision not to play that Copa del Rey match due to having only 11 players, including two goalkeepers (Arnau was the substitute on that occasion). The Federation threatened an unprecedented sanction against Barcelona if there was no appearance. Envite that he did not persuade Núñez.Then it was time for the game (9:00 p.m.) and images were seen to remember. The ten footballers of Barcelona: Guardiola, Hesp, Xavi, Puyol, Sergi, Gabri, Déhu, Simao, Dani and Abelardo, on the touchline without jumping onto the pitch. With the captain, Pep Guardiola, together with the delegate Carles Naval, giving explanations to the referee Díaz Vega and the athletic Santi Denia. With Jesús Gil, undaunted by the vice president Joan Gaspar. With Ñúñez, hidden, leaving a posteriori to witness the grotesque from the stands. With whistles and screams from the hundred fans.Guardiola gives explanations to Santi Denia and Díaz Vega. Accompanying him, Carles Naval.center_img Barcelona urged the RFEF to call the game again and all the corresponding committees were defended with innumerable resources. They all dismissed them. The disciplinary regime of the RFEF was categorical. The Spanish Committee for Sports Discipline (CEDD) confirmed the decision of the other committees: give for losing the tie to Barcelona and excluding the club from the next edition of the Copa del Rey. In addition, he imposed a sanction of two million pesetas. Unpublished in Spanish soccer.Villar’s pardonBefore the 2000-2001 season began, there were general amnesty. Ángel María Villar was re-elected as president of the RFEF for his fourth consecutive term and pardoned Barcelona. The president used his ‘regulars’ grace measures and allowed the Catalan club to be in the next edition of the tournament. Gesture, not without controversy, that benefited Barcelona and that it left him without sanction, after the April sit-in.last_img read more

Irene Lozano insists on the soccer players: she will train and play again when Health says it

first_imgDuring the meeting, the President of the Council listened to the concerns of the footballers at a time when they are working for a future return to training, but for which there is no date yet.Lozano explained to AFE that it will be Health that determines the specific moment of return to training and, where appropriate, to competition in the case of professional leagues.Similarly, the health authorities will determine the moment in which the clubs will be able to test their players to find out if they are infected by the coronavirus, since the current framework determines that the PCR test can only be accessed with a previous medical prescription, and always in contact with the regional medical authorities.Similarly, the CSD has transferred to the AFE that, at the end of last week, the draft of the protocol of return to training of sports activities was sent to the department of minister Salvador Illa, “being Health that will determine its criteria based on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic”. The president of the Superior Sports Council (CSD), Irene Lozano, has reiterated to the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) that the eventual return to training and competition for professional players due to the COVID-19 crisis will lead to carried out when authorized by the Ministry of Health.The president of the CSD held a telematic meeting this Monday with the president of the AFE, David Aganzo, with the aim of explaining to the players union the agreement signed by the Council with LaLiga and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for said eventual return from professional competition.Likewise, Irene Lozano has listened to the main concerns and concerns of the soccer team. “You are an essential actor in the field of football and your role, your opinion, is going to be fundamental. We are writing a blank page, and we have to write it together,” he transmitted to David Aganzo.Lozano has offered the union to sit in on the meetings of the Sportsmen group created under the command of the Task Force to Promote Sport (GTID), in which the union is already present at the weekly meetings.last_img read more

Ceballos again makes it very clear that he does not plan to go to Sevilla

first_imgNew wink from Dani Ceballos to Betis, this yet one more than wink an genuine and definitive declaration of affection. ANDThe Utreran midfielder identified within the networks with a Donald Trump meme saying ‘no’, info by which he is obtainable as a foreign money to play for Sevilla. Ceballos is on mortgage at Arsenal this season however should return to Actual Madrid when the course ends, though it is not clear that he will stay underneath the command of Zinedine Zidane.The data in query states that the white membership presents Reguilón, Ceballos himself and 30 million euros for hiring the Argentine Lucas Ocampos. And Dani does not appear to agree very a lot, as he made clear just a few weeks in the past at El Chiringuito: “I’m very Bettic. In Seville I might solely play at Betis. I did not get to communicate with Lopetegui.”Days later, the midfielder additionally remembered his debut with the Verdiblanco first group and one other phrase of unconditional love: “At this time marks 6 years of one of the best day of my life, that of my skilled debut. An unforgettable second and with my group as at all times , Actual Betis. Don’t strive to perceive it, it’s a novel feeling. I hope we will proceed to take pleasure in soccer collectively for a very long time. “ This similar Friday, Adrián San Miguel, Liverpool goalkeeper and former Heliópolis membership, made clear in El Desmarque Ceballos’ want: “It’s his choice. It’s clear that I do know that he being Beticic would love to return. The state of affairs should be given by each events as a result of he is from the Actual Madrid squad and is due to Actual Madrid. However coming residence at all times pleases. I feel if he has that alternative, alternative to return residence along with his age and proceed to present how good a footballer he is. Why not? “Mentioned the goalkeeper.last_img read more

Barça starts with eleven players and two coaches

first_imgThese first eleven players had been divided into three fields, Tito Vilanova, quantity two and quantity three, as a way to perform a easy particular person session, which consisted of a steady race, to evaluate the metabolic state, each cardio and anaerobic, and consider likewise the capability of effort and restoration. They then carried out a collection of sprints and most velocity to measure the lack of colleges in probably the most essential mechanical actions in soccer and that check the hamstrings and, lastly, a power check to check the elasticity of muscle fibers and the lack of muscle mass after nearly two months of confinement. On this final part, solely two players may meet within the fitness center.Players arrived out of their already totally geared up automobiles, bypassing the locker room, heading on to the assigned coaching floor. Once they completed the session, they obtained a bag with the brand new gear that they may use within the subsequent coaching session. The subsequent to reach at Ciutat Esportiva had been Neto, Semedo, Sergio Busquets, De Jong, Braithwaite, Arthur and Rakitic, alongside with the assigned department players, led by Ansu Fati. Ousmane Dembélé, who shouldn’t be enrolled in LaLiga after struggling a long-term harm that may take him about six months off the sphere, didn’t present up. In reality, the French striker not handed the exams of the Covid 19 final Wednesday, though he’s anticipated on the membership’s amenities from Monday to proceed his restoration. The primary participant to reach at Ciutat Esportiva was defender Clement Lenglet, who confirmed up with ten minutes to go earlier than 9. Later, and on this order, Luis Suárez, Ter Stegen, Sergi Roberto, Griezmann, Messi, Umtiti, Arturo Vidal, Jordi Alba, Junior Firpo and Gerard Piqué had been arriving. In whole, eleven players to begin the primary spherical of particular person coaching, strictly complying with the protocol of not having greater than twelve footballers within the sports activities amenities and protecting a minimal distance of 4 meters on the sphere in the course of the session.Curiously, the final to reach had been the coach, Quique Setién, and the second, Eder Sarabia, who attended when there have been jiffy left for the set time of coaching: 9.30. In reality, if we’re choosy, Setien’s assistant was two minutes late.last_img read more

25 years of the Recopa del Zaragoza, the day that Paris burned

first_imgÁrbitro: Waddell (Escocia). Chelsea – Austria Viena0-01-1 Te invitamos a un paseo digital por el inside del Parque de los Príncipes como es hoy Vuelta/ 16.03.95 (La Romareda) Nayim’s purpose contained all the situations to feed a fantasy, a fantasy that doesn’t cease rising over the years: opportunism (final seconds of an extension), drama (Seaman’s ineffective effort and ultimate desolation), accuracy and most issue (the 49-meter forehand arose at the proper second and flew simply sufficient to fall into the unimaginable hole between the the goalkeeper’s hand and the crossbar). And all this in a European ultimate.“I knew I used to be in hassle after I noticed him kick, as a result of I had gone a bit forward and Nayim knew what he was doing. As a goalkeeper, you is usually a hero for 119 minutes and instantly, increase! I do know what I’m speaking about. It occurred to me when Nayim shot from to this point. Out of the blue what occurred occurred. A nightmare. The final second, the final shot of a match … The reminiscence of that purpose will hang-out me all my life“The Arsenal goalkeeper lamented at the conclusion of the ultimate. CedarAndoni Cedrún Ibarra was born in Durango (Vizcaya) on June 5, 1960. Goalkeeper. 1.98 in peak. Proper handed. Little educational and with poor footwork, however courageous and really intuitive below the sticks. He began at the Cultural de Durango, from the place he went to Bilbao Athletic earlier than selling to Athletic Bilbao (1981-84). After half a 12 months on mortgage in Cádiz, he signed for Actual Zaragoza for 22.5 million pesetas (135,542 euros). In the Aragonese membership he performed 12 seasons (1984-96) and 361 official matches, to hurry his final soccer in Logroñés in the 1996-97 marketing campaign. Worldwide sub 20 and sub 21.Awards: two Leagues (1982-83 and 1983-84), two Cups (1986 and 1994) and one Recopa (1995).It disputed 5 events of the Recopa of 1995, together with the finish. ALFONSO REYES (DIARIO AS) Homosexual (54 años)Se retiró en el Toledo en 1999 para iniciar su carrera en los banquillos: Toledo, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Pontevedra, Jaén, Lorca, Fuenlabrada, Actual Zaragoza B, Racing de Santander, Actual Madrid C, Palencia y Espanyol B, al que dirige en la actualidad. Cumplió su sueño de entrenar al Actual Zaragoza a caballo de las temporadas 2009-10 y 2010-11.CHEMA DIAZ DIARIO AS REAL ZARAGOZA: Cedrún; Belsué, Aguado, Cáceres, Solana (García Sanjuán, 46’); Nayim, Aragón, Poyet, Geli; Higuera (Loreto, 60’), Esnáider. Triunfo y temor ante el Chelsea de HoddleEl Chelsea que dirigía Hoddle fue el penúltimo escollo que tuvo que pasar el Zaragoza para jugar la ultimate. En La Romareda, los ingleses fueron vapuleados por el conjunto maño, que tuvo en Pardeza y en Esnáider (2) a sus goleadores. En Londres, un tanto espectacular de Aragón, que dribló a dos rivales antes de batir a Hitchcock, sentenció la eliminatoria, aunque Furlong y Hoddle (arriba) insistieron hasta el último minuto. Besiktas – Auxerre2-20-2 CHELSEA: Hitchcock; Clarke, Sinclair, Johnsen (Hoddle, 60’), Minto; Rocastle (Spencer, 46’), Stein, Spackman, Lee; Peacock, Furlong. NayimMohamed Nayim Alí Amar was born in Ceuta on November 5, 1966 – he truly noticed the first gentle on July 17 in Larache (Morocco), the place his father was working as a carpenter, however was not registered in the metropolis’s civil registry. Spanish till three and a half months later-. Grandson of Rifeños, his dad and mom had been already born in Ceuta. Offensive midfielder. 1.77 in peak. Proper-handed, with good dealing with of the left leg. Organizer expertise. Juggler and technically glorious. Very expert, he appeared extra like a futsal participant. He was not very resistant and he was not a footballer for lengthy runs, however he had only a few errors in the cross and it was very tough to steal a ball from him. After beginning at the Pedro Lamata and the Unión Afríca-Ceutí youngsters’s membership, he was recruited by Barcelona for his youth in the 1982-83 season. After passing by way of the newbie Barcelona and Barcelona Atlético he promoted to the Barça first group in the 1986-87 marketing campaign, though Johan Cruyff’s arrival at the Camp Nou bench, which gave him no alternatives, pressured his departure to English Tottenham Hotspur. After 5 seasons at White Hart Lane (1988-93), he signed for Actual Zaragoza on Might 4, 1993 for 50 million pesetas (300,00Zero euros). He wore the Aragonese first group jersey for 4 and a half campaigns (1992-97), taking part in 156 official matches and scoring 7 targets. He performed two extra years in Logroñés, in Segunda (1997-99), and hung up his boots in the modest Serrallo de Ceuta in 1999-2000.Worldwide sub 18, sub 19, sub 20 and sub 21.Awards: a League Cup (1986), two Cups (1988 and 1994), an England Cup (1991), an English League Cup (1991) and a Recopa (1995).It disputed the 9 events of the Recopa. Creator of the most necessary purpose in the historical past of Zaragoza, his well-known parable from 49 meters to the Arsenal Seaman goalkeeper in the final minute of additional time. Besiktas – Hjk Helsinki2-01-1 JuanmiJuan Miguel García Inglés, Juanmi, was born in Cartagena (Murcia) on March 9, 1971. Goalkeeper. 1.81 in peak. Left handed. Quick, agile, courageous and decided in the sport ignored. He was a goalkeeper who made clever selections. Educated in the Actual Madrid youth academy, he was loaned to Actual Zaragoza in the summer season of 1993, along with Esnáider. A 12 months later, the Aragonese membership paid 50 million pesetas (300,00Zero euros) for his or her possession switch. In La Romareda he performed 9 seasons (1993-2002) and 260 official matches. He continued his profession at Deportivo de La Coruña (2002-03), Murcia (2003-07) and Nástic de Tarragona (2007-08). He’s the solely goalkeeper in the historical past of Zaragoza who has been an absolute worldwide with Spain, though he solely performed one minute. It was additionally worldwide sub 20, sub 21 and sub 23.Awards: three Cups (1993, 1994 and 2001) and one Recopa (1995).He performed 4 video games of the 1995 Recopa. He was going to be the goalkeeper of the ultimate, however 4 days earlier than he suffered a fibrillar break in the anterior rectum of his left leg in opposition to Sporting de Gijón in El Molinón and didn’t even enter the checklist of summoned. GLORIA BISTRITA: Campeanu; Zegrean, Tararache, Cristea, Sasarman; Stancu, Mironas, Sevastita, Raduta; Matei, Lazar (Lungu, 22’; Balaur, 67’). Oporto – Lks Lodz2-01-0 Cedrún (59 años)Colgó las botas en 1997 en el Logroñés. Reside en Zaragoza. Es responsable de zona de una compañía de seguros y comentarista de la cadena Cope y contertulio de Aragón Televisión.ALFONSO REYES DIARIO AS Dundee Utd. – T. Presov3-21-3 : segundo partido en el exilio por la clausura de La Romareda. Zaragoza – Chelsea3-01-3 Octavos de ultimate Z. Vilnius – Feyenoord1-11-2 Octavos De ClosingIdaVuelta Gol: 1-0 (M. 65): Larsson. 15.09.94 Bistrita, Rumania (Municipal Gloria) JAVIER CEBOLLADA EFE AragonSantiago Aragón Martínez was born in Málaga on April 3, 1968. Organizing midfielder. 1.78 in peak. Proper-handed, however he trimmed and oriented the ball like a left-hander. Every kind. The mind par excellence, with immense expertise. He had an excellent quick and lengthy cross, good dealing with of all contact surfaces and distinctive method. He understood the sport splendidly and was additionally an excellent free kick taker. A participant very liked by La Romareda and who marked an period at Actual Zaragoza. It was fantastic to see him play. He began at Atlético Guimbarda in Malaga, from the place he was recruited by Actual Madrid for his youth groups. He was half of Castilla, in the Second Division, for 2 and a half campaigns (1986-1989), earlier than leaving on mortgage first to the Spanish (1988-89) after which to Logroñés (1989-90), each of the First Division. He jumped to the first squad of Actual Madrid in the season (1990-91) to return on mortgage in 1991-92 to Valladolid. Actual Zaragoza, at the specific request of Víctor Fernández, obtained its switch on March 23, 1993, and three months later acquired it in property for 40 million pesetas (240,963 euros). In the Aragonese group he performed eleven campaigns (1992-2003), taking part in 362 official matches and scoring 43 targets. Worldwide sub 18 and sub 21, deserved to have achieved absolute internationality.Palmarés: a League (1987-88), a Spanish Tremendous Cup (1990), two Cups (1994 and 2001) and a Recopa (1995).He performed eight Recopa video games, together with the ultimate, and scored a purpose. Los capitanes Adams y Pardeza intercambian los banderines en presencia del trío arbitral Goles: 1-0 (M. 30): Furlong. 1-1 (M. 54): Aragón. 2-1 (M. 63): Sinclair. 3-1 (M. 86): Stein. JAVIER CEBOLLADA EFE Árbitro: Merk (Alemania). Expulsó a Bosz (85’) y Kiprich (87’). SergiSergi López Segú was born in Granollers (Barcelona) on October 6, 1967 and died trampled by a practice at the Granollers station on November 4, 2006. Central protection. 1.80 in peak. Proper handed. Elegant and quick. With an excellent begin and acceleration with the ball, though little drive. He had nice soccer situations, however knee accidents, particularly to the proper, shortened his profession. Earlier than turning 21, he had already undergone surgical procedure 5 occasions. Real product of La Masía, he jumped from youth to Barcelona Atlético earlier than debuting in the Barça first group in the 1987-88 season. He had a step on mortgage in Mallorca (1991-92) previous to becoming a member of Actual Zaragoza inside the switch operation of Pablo Alfaro to Barcelona. In La Romareda he performed three campaigns (1992-95), taking part in 30 official matches. He completed his final soccer at Gavà, the place he hung up his boots when he was 28 years outdated. Worldwide sub 21.Palmarés: one League (1990-91), three Cups (1988, 1990 and 1994) and two Recopas (1989 and 1995).Distinctive entertainer at the 1994 Cup and Recopa celebrations.He didn’t intervene in any of the 9 Recopa matches. OscarÓscar Luis Celada was born in Luarca (Asturias) on March 9, 1966. Defensive midfielder. 1.82 in peak. Proper handed. Orderly and disciplined. He had aerial sport and lined rather a lot of area, however technically he was restricted. It began at the Marino de Luanco, from the place it jumped in 1985 to the Sporting subsidiary. After a one-year mortgage to Langreo, he entered the Gijón first group in the 1988-89 season, finishing a cycle of six campaigns. He arrived at Actual Zaragoza with the letter of freedom on July 1, 1994 and remained till June 30, 1997, taking part in 80 official matches and scoring Four targets.Honors: a Recopa (1995).He intervened in six Recopa video games and was known as up for the ultimate, though he didn’t play, and scored a purpose. BelmanJosé Francisco Belman González was born in Málaga on June 16, 1971. Goalkeeper. 1.82 in peak. Proper handed. Dynamic, decided and really quick. Fashioned in the quarry of the defunct Membership Deportivo Málaga, he went by way of Fabril and Balompédica Linense earlier than becoming a member of Actual Zaragoza B in April 1993. For 3 and a half seasons he was half of the first squad of Actual Zaragoza (1994-98) , taking part in 19 official matches. He continued his profession at Valladolid (1997-98), Hercules (1998-00), English Gillingham (2000-01) and Portuguese Madeira Nationwide (2001-08). Worldwide sub 16, sub 17 and sub 18.Honors: a Recopa (1995).He didn’t intervene in any of the 9 Recopa matches, however was Cedrún’s substitute in the ultimate. PoyetGustavo Augusto Poyet Domínguez was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) on November 15, 1967. Offensive midfielder. 1.88 in peak. Proper handed. An ideal scorer from the second line, with superb aerial play and a pure intelligence for soccer and to dominate the areas. Little resistant and of little velocity, motive why not often it made conductions. He virtually all the time performed on faucet, even to outline. He was an excellent timekeeper and gave velocity to the sport. Very talkative and gesticulating, and really liked by Zaragocism. Solid in the decrease classes of the River Plate of Montevideo, he debuted in the Uruguayan first division at the age of 18 on March 23, 1986. On January 31, 1988 he signed for Grenoble, of the French second division, and, after a quick step with out making his debut at the Bellavista in his nation, he was transferred to Actual Zaragoza for 32 million pesetas (192,771 euros). In the Aragonese group he stayed seven seasons (1990-97), taking part in 293 official matches and scoring 80 targets. He completed his contract and continued his profession efficiently in English soccer: Chelsea (1997-2001) and Tottenham (2001-04). After a 12 months and a half retired, he signed for 4 months as a participant and second coach of the third division Swindon. Absolute worldwide in 26 video games with the gentle blue group, he attended the 1995 Copa América.Awards: one Cup (1994), two Recopas (1995 and 1998), one Copa América (1995), one European Tremendous Cup (1998), one England Cup (2000) and one England Tremendous Cup (2000).He performed seven Recopa matches, together with the ultimate, and scored Three targets. REAL ZARAGOZA: Cedrún; Belsué, Aguado, Cáceres, Solana; Nayim, Aragón (Óscar, 57’), Poyet; Higuera, Pardeza; Esnáider (Geli, 72’). Croatia Zag. – Auxerre3-10-3 GLORIA BISTRITA: Campeanu; Zegrean, Tararache, Mironas, Cristea; Moraru (Lungu, 46’), Sevastita, Stancu, Raduta; Cocan (Balaur, 65’), Matei. Grasshopper – Chernomorets3-00-1 Aguado (51 años)Dejó el fútbol por una grave lesión en 2003, tras 473 partidos oficiales con la camiseta del Actual Zaragoza. Reside en Zaragoza y dirige la escuela de fútbol ‘Fairplay’. Su hijo Marc juega en el filial Deportivo Aragón y ya debutado con el primer equipo del Actual Zaragoza.ALFONSO REYES DIARIO AS Geli (52 años)Se retiró del fútbol en la Gimnástica de Torrelavega en 2004. Fue ayudante de Portugal en el Racing, entrenador de los juveniles del Atlético Perines y del Celta de Vigo y técnico del Tropezón (2016-19). Tiene su domicilio en Maliaño, una localidad muy próxima a la capital cántabra, y es propietario de un restaurante, un bar de copas y una discoteca en Santander. Above: Cáceres, Poyet, Cedrún, Solana, Nayim and Aguado. Beneath: Esnáider, Higuera, Belsué, Aragón and Pardeza. Zaragoza’s eleven poses earlier than the sport. They had been a daring group, who all the time needed to take the initiative, and who had been very forceful earlier than the purposeVictor Fernandez Belman (48 años)Se retiró en 2008 en el Nacional de Madeira. Entrenador de porteros en el propio Nacional de Madeira, en el Santos Laguna mexicano, en el Al-Gharafa de Qatar, en el Glasgow Rangers escocés y en el Cruz Azul de Ciudad de México, donde se encuentra en actualidad. Su hijo Javi, también portero, juega en el Castilla. Vuelta/ 20.04.95 Londres, Inglaterra (Stamford Bridge) Goles: 0-1 (M. 26): Poyet. 0-2 (M. 43): Varga, en p.p. 0-3 (M. 49): Esnáider. 0-4 (M. 88): Esnáider. El Arsenal period el vigente campeón de la Recopa y uno de los grandes clubes ingleses, pero el Actual Zaragoza jugó sin ningún complejo en París e hizo sobrados méritos para el triunfo. Después de media hora de igualdad, el equipo de Víctor Fernández tomó el mando del partido y ya no lo soltó hasta levantar la copa de campeón. Esnáider abrió el marcador con un golazo y Hartson empató en un despiste, pero el momento mágico estaba por llegar. 1-0 68’ Impresionante zurdazo de Esnáider que bate a Seaman desde unos 25 metros. El obús del delantero argentino entra rozando el poste de la portería defendida por los ‘gunners’. REAL ZARAGOZA: Juanmi; Belsué, Aguado, Cáceres, García Sanjuán; Nayim, Aragón, Poyet; Higuera (Óscar, 76’), Pardeza (Geli, 89’); Esnáider. Let’s evaluation the play. Final minute of the extension. Adams heads with out an order, Arsenal’s protection is nicely superior and the ball involves Nayim, who loosens it and lets it bounce. After the first boat he seems at the again, at the purpose and there he doubts whether or not to hit, however he doesn’t determine. After the second pot, he pops it. The violent affect includes the whole proper facet of the foot. The ball is thrown. Pardeza begins a race, Adams restrains himself and leaves him offside, Geli enters from the left; the English rear is carried away and approaches for the purpose kick. Poyet seems, Esnáider seems, Aguado seems, Cáceres seems … Seaman runs. Three seconds later the ball is inside. David Seaman lies on his facet, as if dozing. The ball returns from the internet, very slowly, and stays on the line. The purpose takes time to turn out to be credible, however immediately unleashes a ardour with out limits between Zaragoza and Zaragoza. Sure, Zaragoza was champion, simply the champion of the Recopa, after eliminating the Romanian Gloria Bistrita, the Slovak Tatran Presov, the Dutch Feyenoord and at least the English Chelsea and Arsenal. Apoteosis en ZaragozaEn Zaragoza continuó la fiesta que había empezado la noche anterior en París. En la capital aragonesa, la llegada de la expedición zaragocista con el título recién conquistado fue el momento culminante para los aficionados. Víctor Fernández fue jaleado, vitoreado y piropeado por los seguidores zaragocistas, que reconocían de esa manera el trabajo de uno de los principales artífices del gran éxito del Zaragoza, que pasaba de los “Magníficos” a “Los Héroes de París”. LizarraldeÍñigo Lizarralde Lazcano was born in Bilbao (Vizcaya) on August 6, 1966. Lateral on either side and defensive midfielder. 1.77 in peak. Proper handed. Attentive, disciplined and supportive. It was solely required in protection because of its technical limitations. Solid in the Lezama quarry, he climbed steps till he reached the first group of Athletic Bilbao (1987-90). He arrived at Actual Zaragoza in the summer season of 1990 for 25 million pesetas (150,602 euros) and remained with the Aragonese group till 1995, taking part in 123 official matches and scoring 2 targets. He stretched his profession in Lleida (1995-97) and El Amurrio (1997-98). Worldwide sub 16, sub 18, sub 19, sub 20 and sub 21.Awards: One Cup (1994) and one Recopa (1995).It disputed three events of the Recopa. Cáceres (50 años)Retirado del fútbol en el Argentinos Juniors en 2007. Tuvo un breve paso como técnico por las categorías inferiores del Independiente de Avellaneda. Ahora es presidente y entrenador del Fernando Cáceres Fútbol Membership, de la tercera categoría newbie de Buenos Aires. Todo un ejemplo de lucha y espíritu, tras haber recibido en 2009 un balazo en el ojo derecho que le ocasionó una fractura del cráneo y la pérdida de movilidad en medio cuerpo, por lo que está en una silla de ruedas.Javier Cebollada EFE Sampdoria – Grasshopper3-02-3 “Allá a donde voy me recuerdan el gol de París” M. Branik – Austria Viena1-10-3 Brujas – Chelsea1-00-2 OL DIARIO AS (DIARIO AS) REAL ZARAGOZA 2-1 TATRAN PRESOV JAVIER CEBOLLADA EFE PardezaMiguel Pardeza Pichardo nació en La Palma del Condado (Huelva) el Eight de febrero de 1965. Delantero. 1,65 de estatura. Diestro. Hábil y gran regateador, capaz de solucionar los partidos. Tenía facilidad y velocidad en el golpeo, con muy poca palanca en la ejecución del tiro, y period certero sin ser un gran goleador. Poseía un gran tren inferior, lo que le facilitaba unos primeros metros muy veloces. No period un jugador asociativo, pero sí determinante y con personalidad. Criado en la cantera del Actual Madrid, con 17 años ya period titular en el Castilla, en Segunda División, integrando la célebre ‘Quinta del Buitre’, junto a Butragueño, Míchel, Martín Vázquez y Sanchís, que haría historia en el equipo blanco. El Actual Zaragoza logró su cesión en la temporada 1985-86 y lo acabó fichando en propiedad el 5 de noviembre de 1987 por 60 millones de pesetas (361.445 euros). En La Romareda acabó de completar una carrera espléndida a lo largo de otras diez campañas consecutivas (1987-97): disputó un whole de 369 partidos oficiales y marcó 98 goles. Es el quinto máximo goleador de la historia del Actual Zaragoza, tras Marcelino, ‘Pichi’ Alonso, Murillo y Santos. Sus dos últimas temporadas en activo las jugó en el Puebla de México (1997-99). Fue internacional absoluto en cinco ocasiones, acudiendo a la fase ultimate del Mundial de Italia 1990, además de sub 16, sub 18, sub 21 y sub 23.Palmarés: una Liga (1986-87), dos Copas (1986 y 1994) y una Recopa (1995).Disputó siete partidos de la Recopa, incluida la ultimate, y marcó Three goles. Como capitán, tuvo el gran privilegio de recibir el trofeo de manos del entonces presidente de la UEFA, el sueco Lennart Johansson. Nayim le da la Recopa al Zaragoza con un gol maravilloso Solana (55 años)Después de 25 años ligado al Actual Zaragoza como jugador, segundo entrenador, entrenador del filial y miembro de la secretaria técnica, abandonó el membership en 2014, pero sigue residiendo en la capital aragonesa. Es ojeador del Actual Madrid.JAVIER BELVER DIARIO AS ANGEL SANCHEZ DIARIO AS : primer partido en el exilio por la clausura de La Romareda. EsnáiderJuan Eduardo Esnáider Belén nació en Mar del Plata (Argentina) el 5 de marzo de 1973. Su apellido paterno es una deformación del alemán Schneider. Su abuelo, que pertenecía a la minoría étnica alemana que vivía en Ucrania, emigró a Argentina al acabar la II Guerra Mundial. Delantero centro. 1,80 de estatura. Diestro. Agresivo, intimidador y competitivo al máximo. Inteligente y pícaro. Con infinidad de recursos técnicos para la elaboración y la finalización. Tenía un gran juego de espaldas y period excelente en el uno contra uno, brillante en el remate a un solo toque y talentoso en la fabricación de sus propios goles. Un líder en el campo que contagiaba su entusiasmo y exigencia a los demás compañeros y a la grada. Se inició en el fútbol en el infantil del Cadetes de San Martín, de Mar del Plata, para ser captado enseguida por el Ferro Carril Oeste de Buenos Aires, con el que debutó en la primera división argentina con 17 años. Ocho meses después fue traspasado al Actual Madrid, donde alternó el filial con el primer equipo. El Zaragoza logró su cesión en la temporada 1993-94 y en la siguiente lo firmó en propiedad por 225 millones de pesetas (1.355.421 euros), lo que supuso entonces el fichaje más elevado de su historia. Tras la ultimate de la Recopa en París, el Actual Madrid lo recompró por 650 millones de pesetas (3.915.662 euros), aunque en el Bernabéu no pudo hacer carrera y fue sucesivamente traspasado al Atlético de Madrid (1996-97), al Espanyol (1997-99) y a la Juventus de Turín (1999-01). Regresó a La Romareda como cedido el Eight de diciembre de 2000 y resultó providencial para que el Zaragoza pudiera salvar la categoría. Prolongó su carrera en el Oporto, el River Plate, el Ajaccio, el Murcia y el Newell’s Previous Boys, donde se retiró a los 32 años por una hernia discal. En whole, disputó 105 partidos con el Actual Zaragoza y marcó 53 goles. Internacional absoluto en tres ocasiones con la albiceleste, además de sub 20.Palmarés: una Supercopa de España (1993), tres Copas (1993, 1994 y 2001), una Recopa (1995), una Copa Intertoto (1999) y una liga de Argentina (Clausura 2002).Disputó los nueves partidos de la Recopa y marcó Eight goles, incluido uno en la ultimate. Pardeza (55 años)El hombre que recogió de manos del presidente de la UEFA, Lennart Johansson, la Copa de Europa de Campeones de Copa colgó las botas en 1999 en el Puebla de México. Fue director deportivo del Actual Zaragoza de 2002 a 2008, director deportivo del Actual Madrid de 2009 a 2014 y asesor de una empresa de representación de futbolistas. Actualmente reside en Madrid y está decididamente volcado en su faceta de escritor. Acaba de publicar ‘Angelópolis’, donde habla de su vida, de Delibes, Pasolini y Camus.Jose Antonio Perez DIARIO AS Omonia N. – Arsenal1-30-3 REAL ZARAGOZA: Juanmi; Lizarralde, Aguado, Cáceres, Geli; García Sanjuán, Nayim, Óscar, Poyet (Pardeza, 59’); Loreto, Esnáider. Feyenoord – W. Bremen1-04-3 By Nayim, que se encuentra en Zaragoza pasando el confinamiento, atiende la llamada de As para revivir aquel golazo a Seaman en el Parque de los Príncipes de París. El 10 de mayo de 1995 el equipo aragonés alzó al cielo la Recopa de Europa y levantó de sus asientos a prácticamente todos los aficionados españoles y 25 años después aquella gesta continúa viva en la memoria y el corazón de todos los zaragocistas.Hoy hace 25 años que el Actual Zaragoza conquistó la Recopa. Es un día especial para usted, ¿verdad?Sin duda alguna. Fue un día que cambió mi vida, no sólo a mí, sino a todo ese grupo de jugadores y cuerpo técnico. Fue un momento increíble por cómo pasó todo, sobre todo los últimos segundos del partido. SolariumJesús Ángel Solana Bermejo was born in Arnedo (Logroño) on December 25, 1964. Left again. 1.79 in peak. Proper handed. Highly effective, quick and really attentive in defensive actions. Exhausting to beat, virtually all the time got here out on prime in private duels. Very sensible in the area and with out ups and downs. Versatile, he may play on either side and in addition as a central defender. In assault he accompanied successfully and had superb offensive driving. Very full and of nice regularity in its efficiency. After debuting in the Arnedo, Third Division, with solely 15 years, he was captured by Actual Madrid for his decrease classes. After his youth stage he jumped to Castilla in 1983-84 and two years later he already went to the first white group, the place he would full 5 and a half campaigns. He arrived at Actual Zaragoza in the summer season of 1991 with the letter of freedom and in La Romareda he stayed for 9 seasons (1991-2000), taking part in 290 official matches and scoring Four targets. Absolute worldwide on one event. It was additionally worldwide sub 16, sub 18, sub 21 and sub 23.Palmarés: 5 Leagues (1985-86, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1988-89 and 1989-90), a UEFA Cup (1986), an Underneath-21 Euro Cup (1986), three Spanish Tremendous Cups (1988, 1989 and 1990), two Cups (1989 and 1994) and one Recopa (1995).It disputed six events of the Recopa, together with the finish. Darío Franco (51 años)Se retiró en el Morelia mexicano en 2004 para iniciar su carrera como entrenador: Morelia, Tecos, Atlas de Guadalajara, San Martín, Instituto de Córdoba, Universidad de Chile (en la foto), Aldosivi, Defensa y Justicia, Colón de Santa Fe, San Luis de Quillota y Olmedo de Ecuador, al que dirige en este 2020.LatinContent LatinContent through Getty Photographs GLORIA BISTRITA 2-1 REAL ZARAGOZA FEYENOORD: De Goey; Maas, Trustfull, Frasser, Heus; Refos, Bosz, Kiprich, Bob Witschge; Larsson (Van Loen, 82’), Blinker (Esajas, 89’). Sampdoria – Oporto0-11-0 Lizarralde (53 años)Colgó las botas en el Amurrio en 1998. En 2010 reingresó en el Athletic de Bilbao como ayudante del entrenador del juvenil y más tarde cumplió esa misma función en el Basconia y en el Bilbao Athletic, donde se encuentra en la actualidad como auxiliar de Joseba Etxebería.PAULINO ORIBE DIARIO AS Cáceres celebrates the triumph uploaded to the purpose whereas elevating the Recopa. Una imagen del partido entre el Actual Zaragoza y el Gloria Bristrita disputado en el Luis Casanova de Valencia. Esnáider (47 años)El autor del primer gol de la ultimate frente al Arsenal, se retiró del fútbol en 2005 en el Newell’s Previous Boys de Rosario. Luego fue ayudante de Míchel en el Getafe, entrenador del Actual Zaragoza B y coordinador de la Ciudad Deportiva en la temporada 2011-12, y técnico del Córdoba, el Getafe y el JEF United de Japón. Su hijo Juan debutó en el Actual Zaragoza en la campaña 2013-14. Pese a que mantiene su domicilio en Madrid, actualmente se encuentra residiendo en Mar del Plata, su localidad natal.JAVIER GANDUL DIARIO AS Ida/ 02.03.95 Rotterdam, Holanda (De Kuip) Ida/ 06.04.95 (La Romareda) Juanmi (49 años)Se retiró en 2008 en el Gimnástic de Tarragona y pasó a ser entrenador de porteros del Cartagena (2008-12). Después fue coordinador de la cantera del Ciudad Jardín y abrió en su Cartagena natal el centro deportivo ‘Ilusión Sport Heart’. Actualmente colabora con una empresa de representación de futbolistas y reside en Sevilla. Su hijo Juan juega de defensa central en el juvenil sevillista. DIARIO AS Nayim fue el héroe de la ultimate, pero Esnáider fue el máximo goleador y el mejor jugador del torneo Higuera (55 años)Se retiró del fútbol en el Xerez en el año 2000. Fue secretario técnico del Xerez y del Lorca y entrenador del juvenil del Atlético Baleares. Vive en Jerez de la Frontera, pero mantiene varios locales y plazas de garaje en la capital aragonesa. REAL ZARAGOZA: Juanmi; Belsué, Aguado, Cáceres, Solana; Aragón (García Sanjuán, 79’), Poyet, Nayim; Higuera, Pardeza (Óscar, 63’); Esnáider. Víctor Fernández ofrece la Recopa a la afición zaragocista. García SanjuánJesús García Sanjuán was born in Zaragoza on August 22, 1971. Proper hand drive. 1.80 in peak. Proper handed. Spherical-trip footballer, versatile and capable of work. Technically right, though maybe he was driving excessively. Big will and resistance. A product of the Ciudad Deportiva del Actual Zaragoza, which Víctor Fernández promoted to the first group when he was 19 years outdated. He accomplished seven and a half seasons at La Romareda (1990-98) earlier than leaving on mortgage to English Wolverhampton (1997-98). His subsequent locations had been Villarreal (1998-99), Córdoba (1999-00) and the Scottish Airdrieonians (2000-01) and Kilmarnock (2001-03). At Actual Zaragoza he performed 214 official matches, scoring Eight targets. Worldwide sub 18, sub 19, sub 21 and sub 23.Awards: a Cup (1994) and a Recopa (1995).He performed six Recopa video games, together with the ultimate relieving Higuera in the 67th minute. CHELSEA: Hitchcock; Clarke, Sinclair, Johnsen, Minto; Rocastle (Hoddle, 63’), Spencer (Stein, 63’), Spackman, Myers; Peacock, Furlong. REAL ZARAGOZA: Cedrún; Belsué, Aguado, Cáceres, Lizarralde; Franco, Aragón, Geli; Higuera (Nayim, 80’), Pardeza (Óscar, 72’); Esnáider. París y una goma atada a la camaEstoy en una habitación del resort La Forestiere en el Bosque de St. Germain-En-Laye. Nos han llevado allí dos días antes del partido. Con techos a dos aguas y una chimenea cuya estructura vertical sobresale de la pared en la que está incrustada, el inmueble tiene más de casa rural que de resort. Desde mi ventana puedo ver el jardín, repleto de flores y árboles, bajo cuya sombra resultaría agradable estar leyendo o tomando una cerveza. Pero ese horizonte está muy lejos de mí. Todo lo que me importa en esos momentos es una goma de cierto grosor. La tengo atada por un extremo a una de las patas de la cama, mientras que en el otro he hecho un lazo por el que puedo meter mi pie izquierdo. He aterrizado allí con molestias en los isquiotibiales que amenazan con no dejarme jugar. De las dos últimas finales de Copa del Rey a las que hemos llegado, me perdí la de Valencia contra el Actual Madrid justamente por una contractura. Y la del año siguiente en el Calderón contra el Celta, sólo la pude disputar gracias a un vendaje en mi tobillo que parecía una escayola. Sería una broma, pienso, que el partido más importante de mi carrera se quede en un mal recuerdo. Los únicos que saben de mis dudas y mis temores son los “fisios” del equipo, Kabir y, sobre todo, Paul Knaap, con el que he estado en dos ocasiones en Rotterdam en la consulta de Van Toorn, que en esos años se ha puesto de moda por sus milagros. Su terapia provoca discrepancias y críticas apasionadas. Según algunos, sus métodos son una temeridad. Otros no tienen empacho en acusarlo de ser un impostor que pone en riesgo la salud de los profesionales. By On Wednesday Might 10, 1995, at 119 minutes and 40 seconds into the sport, Nayim shot from midfield in opposition to Arsenal’s purpose. It was the final play of the Recopa ultimate. It was loopy. However the ball accomplished an unimaginable parabola and it was a purpose. In the present day is the 25th anniversary of that distinctive purpose, maybe the most extraordinary of a European ultimate, which gave Actual Zaragoza the best title in its historical past.. Brujas – Panathinaikos1-00-0 TATRAN PRESOV: Jakubech; Kentos, Varga, Bajtos (Lukac, 45’), Hlusko; Hatta, Skalka, Zvara, Hoger; Chiuri, Nenadic (Kocis, 62’). T. Presov – Zaragoza0-41-2 1-1 76’ Jugada de Parlour por la banda derecha, centra sobre Merson y éste envía a Hartson, que marca ante Cedrún. JAVIER BELVER DAILY AS BelsueAlberto Belsué Arias was born in Zaragoza on March 2, 1968. Proper again. 1.72 in peak. Proper handed. Lengthy distance. Technical, daring and resistant with out having a privileged physique. Prepared in defensive particular person duels, quick over quick distances and really intuitive. He understood the sport very nicely, was simply related and hid its shortcomings very nicely. With a giant group mentality, he thought extra about attacking the rival purpose than defending his personal. He performed from 10 to 18 years outdated at the Stadium Casablanca, earlier than signing for Endesa Andorra (1986-88). He arrived at Actual Zaragoza in the summer season of 1988 in trade for a pleasant match and at La Romareda he stayed for ten and a half seasons (1988-99), taking part in 345 official matches and scoring 9 targets. On January 5, 1999, he was transferred to Alavés, after which he continued his profession at Numancia (1999-00) and Iraklis in Thessaloniki (2000-01). Absolute worldwide in 17 video games, he attended the ultimate section of the 1996 European Championship in England.Awards: a Cup (1994) and a Recopa (1995).He performed eight Recopa matches, together with the ultimate. La opinión de Javier SillésEl Zaragoza que fue y hoy vuelve a serNo hay gol igual, me atrevo a decir que no habrá gol igual, en la historia del fútbol. La mezcla de dificultad, imaginación, suspense y valor conceden a la prodigiosa ocurrencia de Nayim la autoría de un hito incomparable. Otros goles agónicos también decidieron títulos importantes, pero ninguno sucedió desde más de 40 metros. El contexto y la distancia son únicos.En un niño nacido en Madrid, aunque de firmes raíces aragonesas, la parábola de Nayim solo hizo que reafirmar la mejor decisión que, en su inconsciencia infantil, pudo tomar. Mi padre me descubrió lo que period el Actual Zaragoza, algo por lo que siempre le estaré agradecido. Quizá ser del Zaragoza no period la opción lógica ni lo que tocaba. Nevertheless, hoy entiendo más que nunca que period la elección pure. Los recuerdos borrosos previos de mis tardes de zaragocismo ganan whole nitidez en el camino hacia la Recopa de París.Todavía siento caer las inconsolables lágrimas que me provocaron las paradas de un portero de apariencia singular como De Goey y el gol de un joven con rastas llamado Larsson. Por un momento todo estaba perdido, pero nada fue como aparentaba. La remontada al Feyenoord en La Romareda, la poderosa exhibición ante el Chelsea o el icónico bautizo de la hija de Aragón —mi primer ídolo— en Stamford Bridge condujeron a un equipo de huella personalísima a la ultimate contra el Arsenal. Víctor Fernández adoptó una propuesta tan identificable como atractiva, exageradamente ofensiva a veces, con jugadores de gran pie y jerarquía en todas las líneas y un goleador mayúsculo como Esnáider, incontenible toda la Recopa. Al Zaragoza se le conocía por una concept. Aquel equipo se escribió desde su grandeza futbolística, pero también desde la ambición colectiva, el orgullo de su afición y el sentido de pertenencia de una comunidad entera.Aunque pueda parecer tanto tiempo después, el Zaragoza no se quedó en París. La trayectoria asimétrica que siguió después, con triunfos tan notables como la Copa de Sevilla, el Galacticidio de Galletti, la Supercopa de Zapater o el glorioso 6-1 al Madrid, ha deparado en siete años consecutivos en Segunda por la negligente y dolosa gestión de Agapito Iglesias. La supervivencia del Zaragoza quedó a los pies de un milagro. Y el milagro period su gente. La reciente reconstrucción social dibuja un panorama alentador, ligado al imprescindible retorno a Primera por cuestiones económicas. Ir a La Romareda, una costumbre que repito casi en cada partido que juega como native, conecta a varias generaciones de aficionados entre los que cada vez se ven más niños. Si algo se rompió en el pasado, hoy se ha recuperado. El vínculo pasional con el Zaragoza está tan vivo como lo estaba París. Con Víctor, siempre Víctor, como guía necesario. Se trataba de volver a empezar para volver a ser.,: primer partido en el exilio por la clausura de La Romareda. SemifinalesIdaVuelta Árbitro: Monteiro (Portugal). Bodo/Glimt – Sampdoria3-20-2 Enlarge García Sanjuán (48 años)Colgó las botas en el Kilmarnock escocés en 2003. Reside en Zaragoza y es propietario de la empresa ‘Golf Escocia’, que organiza en toda España paquetes de viajes para jugar al golf en los mejores campos escoceses. Mac. Tel Aviv – W. Bremen0-00-2 G. Bistrita – Zaragoza2-10-4 REAL ZARAGOZA: Juanmi; Belsué, Solana, Cáceres, Cafú; Nayim, Aragón, Óscar; Higuera (Geli, 67’), Pardeza; Esnáider (Loreto, 83’). Cska Moscú – Ferencvaros2-11-2 REAL ZARAGOZA 3-Zero CHELSEA Loreto (49 años)Se retiró en 2006 en el Molinense murciano. Ex entrenador del Ebro, el Ejea y el Brea. Ahora es el ayudante de Víctor Fernández en el Actual Zaragoza.ALFONSO REYES DIARIO AS Sligo Rovers – Brujas1-21-3 Cuartos De ClosingIdaVuelta Goles: 1-0 (M. 11): Pardeza. 2-0 (M. 42): Aguado. 3-0 (M. 48): Poyet. 4-0 (M. 58): Poyet. Blagoevgrad – Panathinaikos0-21-6 LoretoJosé Luis Rodríguez Loreto nació en Sevilla el 10 de febrero de 1971. Delantero centro. 1,78 de estatura. Diestro. Valiente, rápido y luchador. Formado en la cantera del Betis, tuvo un paso exitoso por el Córdoba (24 goles) antes de que el Actual Zaragoza pagara 50 millones de pesetas (301.204 euros) por su fichaje. En la campaña 1994-95 participó en 16 partidos, pero la competencia en el ataque period feroz y la temporada siguiente fue cedido al Logroñés. Fue definitivamente traspasado al Córdoba el 21 de octubre de 1996 por 30 millones de pesetas (180.722 euros). Continuó su carrera en el Cádiz (1999-00), el Murcia (2000-03), el Cartagonova (2003-05), el Orihuela (2004-05) y el Molinense (2005-06). Internacional sub 16, sub 18, sub 21 y sub 23.Palmarés: una Recopa (1995).Intervino en tres partidos de la Recopa y fue convocado para la ultimate, aunque no llegó a jugar. CafuMarcos Evangelista de Moraes, ‘Cafú’, was born in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on June 7, 1970. Proper again. 1.76 in peak. Proper handed. He performed whole soccer. He had distinctive innate bodily high quality, superior technical high quality, extraordinarily excessive consistency in the sport, and large depth in each defensive and offensive play. Maybe he’s the winger who in the final 40 years has had a better affect on the sport, alongside along with his compatriots Roberto Carlos, Alves and Marcelo. After all, one of the greatest in soccer historical past. Belsué’s substitute in Zaragoza for the quota of three foreigners, his presence was important for the Argentines Cáceres and Esnáider and the Uruguayan Poyet to keep up the aggressive stage all through the Recopa. He began out in soccer at Itaquaquecetuba, from the place he jumped to Sao Paulo in 1987. Coming from Palmeiras, however with out having gone by way of it, he signed on mortgage from Actual Zaragoza on January 12, 1995, in trade for 30 million pesetas (180,722 euros). With the Aragonese group he performed 19 official matches. He prolonged his extremely profitable profession at Palmeiras (1995-97), Roma (1997-2003) and Milan (2003-08), the place he hung up his boots at the age of 38.He’s the participant who has most frequently worn the shirt of the Brazilian nationwide group, with 142 presences. Participated in 4 World Cups (1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006) and in 4 different America’s Cups (1991, 1993, 1997 and 1999).Awards: two World Cups (1994 and 2002), two America’s Cups (1997 and 1999), a Confederations Cup (1997), two Liberating Cups (1992 and 1993), two Intercontinental Cups (1992 and 1993), two South American Cups (1992 and 1993), a Brazilian league (1991), 4 São Paulo championships (1989, 1991, 1992 and 1996), a European Cup Winners’ Cup (1995), two Italian leagues (2000-01 and 2003-04), an Italian Cup ( 2003), two Italian Tremendous Cups (2001 and 2004), two European Tremendous Cups (2003 and 2007), one European Cup (2007) and one Membership World Cup (2007).He performed a sport of the Recopa, in opposition to Chelsea in London, performing as left again. “That was the nice victory of all Aragon”Victor as soon as stated that he’s now immersed in successful the ‘Cup Winner of the 21st Century’, the promotion to the First Division after seven years in the destroy and nicely of the Second Division.In 1995, 29 years in the past, Zaragoza didn’t attain a continental ultimate —The 1966 Honest Cup that the ‘Magnifics’ misplaced in opposition to all odds in opposition to Barcelona—, and the expectation overflowed all expectations. Twenty thousand Aragonese went to Paris, and one other thirty thousand concentrated in the bullring and the Prince Felipe pavilion, the place two big screens had been put in, to advertise a festive environment in the metropolis. Greater than 200,00Zero folks obtained the champions a day later in the Plaza del Pilar. That was a colossal celebration, with the late Sergi serving as grand grasp of ceremonies. Unforgettable. 29.09.94 Valencia (Luis Casanova) Ida/ 20.10.94 Presov, Eslovaquia (Tatran Stadion) Goles: 1-0 (M. 8): Pardeza. 2-0 (M. 25): Esnáider. 3-0 (M. 57): Esnáider. Óscar (54 años)Se retiró en 2001 en el Universidad de Las Palmas. Médico del Actual Zaragoza (2009-2014), de la Selección española (2008-2020) y del Atlético de Madrid (2017-20).EDUARDO CANDEL DIARIO AS Árbitro: Mendes Pratas (Portugal). Expulsó a Hlusko (34’). En la eliminatoria fueron expulsados tres jugadores del Feyenoord. Uno en la ida y dos en la vuelta. La eliminatoria contra el Feyenoord fue durísima. Vuelta/ 03.11.94 Valencia (Luis Casanova) Nayim (53 años)El autor del gol más importante de la historia del Actual Zaragoza colgó las botas en el año 2000 en el Serrallo de su Ceuta natal. Fue segundo entrenador del primer equipo aragonés en la temporadas 2009-10 y 2010-11. Reside a caballo entre Ceuta y Zaragoza. Es comentarista en ‘Sky Sports activities’ de la Liga española, en ‘DAZN’ de la Premier inglesa y contertulio en Aragón Televisión. TATRAN PRESOV: Jakubech; Lecko, Varga, Hatta, Gerich; Chiuri (Kolvrek, 73’), Zvara, Skalka, Hoger; Kocis, Nenadic. Darío FrancoDarío Javier Franco Gatti was born in Cruz Alta, Córdoba (Argentina) on January 17, 1969. Defensive midfielder. 1.87 in peak. Proper handed. Of nice tactical rigor and formidable aerial play. Above all, he was a participant who gave steadiness, with an unlimited successful character. Dynamic, technically restricted, however very aggressive and with few turnovers. Temperamental and victorious in all particular person duels. A critical damage, with an open fracture of the tibia and fibula of his proper leg, in a match with Argentina in opposition to Bolivia on June 17, 1993, throughout the dispute of the Copa América in Ecuador, took him virtually 9 months off, weighed down his profession at Actual Zaragoza and prevented him from attending the 1994 United States World Cup. He was by no means the identical once more, however till that accident he was an idol of La Romareda. Fashioned in the decrease classes of the Newell’s Previous Boys in Rosario, he debuted in the Argentine first division at the age of 19 on September 11, 1988. He signed for Actual Zaragoza for 96 million pesetas (578,313 euros), after an excellent efficiency in the Cup América, and with the Aragonese group performed 4 seasons (1991-95), taking part in 104 official matches and scoring 9 targets. He prolonged his profession in Mexico for ten years taking part in as central defender in the Atlas of Guadalajara (1995-97) and Morelia (1998-204). Absolute worldwide with Argentina in 22 video games, he performed in the 1991 and 1993 Copa América editions.Palmarés: two America’s Cups (1991 and 1993), a league from Argentina (1990-91), a Cup (1994), a Recopa (1995) and a league from Mexico (Winter Match 2000).He performed a sport of the Recopa. FEYENOORD 1-Zero REAL ZARAGOZA Aragón (52 años)Se retiró en 2003 en el Actual Zaragoza y estuvo vinculado como técnico a las categorías inferiores del membership del león rampante hasta 2014. También tiene su domicilio en la capital aragonesa. Es ojeador del Actual Madrid.Alfonso Reyes Diario As Cedrún, Belsué, Aguado, Cáceres, Solana, Aragón, Nayim, Poyet, Pardeza, Higuera and Esnáider. That eleven, like all the champion groups, was recited from reminiscence.“It was a bunch of gamers of nice technical high quality, and with a really offensive profile, as a result of even the defenders scored targets. It was a daring group, that all the time needed to take the initiative, and that was very forceful earlier than the purpose. It was an bold group, constructed to assault, to exit and win. And we defended that vocation to the final penalties. The collective dedication was extraordinary, out of the strange. And it can’t be forgotten both that Actual Zaragoza has a successful custom. That additionally helps. And it helped us ”, remembers Víctor Fernández.In the present day, twenty-five years later, reminiscence may be very current. Zaragoza will all the time have Paris … Enlarge Belsué (52 años)Después de su retirada el fútbol en 2001 en el Iraklis de Salónica, se integró en el departamento comercial de la empresa Mondo Ibérica, dedicada a la fabricación de pavimento y equipamiento deportivo. Es el delegado del Actual Zaragoza desde la temporada 2015-16. Árbitro: Sundell (Suecia). REAL ZARAGOZA 2-Zero FEYENOORD GeliÁngel de Juana García was born in Santander on February 15, 1968. Left hand drive. 1.77 in peak. Left handed. Quick and deep, and with an excellent ball hit, though defensively dispersed. He was not expert, however he was highly effective for overflow. Educated at Atlético Perines de Santander, he debuted with Racing in the 1988-89 season, after a marketing campaign at the Cultural de Guanizo and a 12 months and a half at the Rayo Cantabria subsidiary. He arrived at Actual Zaragoza in the summer season of 1994 by way of a switch of 120 million pesetas (722,891 euros). En La Romareda sólo estuvo esa temporada 1994-95, en la que disputó 42 partidos y marcó un gol, y después fue traspasado al Celta de Vigo por 100 millones de pesetas (602.409 euros). En 1998 regresó al Racing, jugó la campaña 1999-00 en el Extremadura y acabó estirando su carrera en la Gimnástica de Torrelavega (2000-04), en Segunda B.Palmarés: una Recopa (1995).Disputó ocho partidos de la Recopa, incluida la ultimate como relevo de García Sanjuán en el minuto 112. Así lo recuerda Víctor Fernández Dieciseisavos De ClosingIdaVuelta Arsenal – Sampdoria3-22-3 Sergi LópezColgó las botas en 1996 en el Gavá. El gran animador de los festejos de la Recopa falleció el Four de noviembre de 2006 a los 39 años. Debut en ValenciaEl Zaragoza tuvo que jugar sus dos primeros encuentros (ante el Gloria Bistrita y el Tatran Presov) en Valencia por una sanción de la UEFA. En diciembre de 1992, al término de la eliminatoria Zaragoza-Borussia Dortmund, una moneda de 25 pesetas impactó en el colegiado Rubert Forstinger y motivó la sanción.Cuartos de ultimate CáceresFernando Gabriel Cáceres Zaya was born in San Isidro, Buenos Aires (Argentina) on February 7, 1969. Central protection. 1.80 in peak. Proper-handed, however with good dealing with of the left leg. Distinctive defender, with large management expertise. Powerful in disputes and virtually all the time a winner, because of his nice bodily high quality. It was highly effective, resistant, agile and muscularly privileged. He additionally had an excellent ball output, all the time with nice intelligence, and an excellent aerial sport, regardless of not being very excessive. He additionally had a superb sense of anticipation. It arose from the fruitful quarry of Argentinos Juniors, with whom he debuted in the first division at the age of 17. In July 1991 he was transferred to River Plate, which he transferred to Actual Zaragoza in the 1993-94 season for 25 million pesetas (150,602 euros). The Aragonese membership acquired it in possession a 12 months later for 175 million pesetas (1,054,216 euros) and in flip transferred it in 1996 to Boca Juniors for 520 million pesetas (3,132,530 euros). At Actual Zaragoza he performed 124 official matches and scored Three targets. His profession spanned Valencia (1996-98), Celta de Vigo (1998-2004), Córdoba (2004-05), Independiente de Avellaneda (2005 and 2006) and Argentinos Juniors (2006 and 2007), the place he hung his boots at 38 years outdated. Worldwide in 24 matches with the Argentine group, he represented his nation in two America’s Cups (1993 and 1995) and one World Cup (1994).Palmarés: an Argentine league (Apertura 1991), a Copa América (1993), a Copa del Rey (1994) and a Recopa (1995).It disputed the 9 events of the Recopa. HomosexualJosé Aurelio Homosexual López was born in Madrid on December 10, 1965. Offensive midfielder. 1.80 in peak. Proper handed. Spherical-trip soccer participant, sacrificed and with studying of offensive soccer. He was an achieved scorer, with a superb passing sport – he had a hammer to his head – and with exceptional goalscoring information. Solid in the quarry of Actual Madrid, like Pardeza, Aragón and Solana, he jumped instantly from the youthful white to Castilla, in the Second Division, in the 1984-85 season. 4 years later he signed for Español, the place he would full a interval of three different campaigns. He arrived at Actual Zaragoza in the summer season of 1991 with the letter of freedom and in La Romareda he stayed till June 30, 1996, taking part in 146 official matches and scoring 27 targets. After the 1994 Cup ultimate, an actual ordeal started for him, with successive operations on the Achilles tendon and the patellar tendon and the meniscus of the left knee, which already enormously restricted his efficiency because of an ulcer in the cartilage of the articulation. his final soccer in Oviedo (1996-97) and Toledo (1997-98). Worldwide sub 18, sub 19, sub 20 and sub 21.Awards: a Cup (1994) and a Recopa (1995).He didn’t intervene in any of the 9 Recopa matches. JAVIER CEBOLLADA EFE REAL ZARAGOZA: Cedrún; Belsué, Aguado, Cáceres, Solana (Lizarralde, 61’); García Sanjuán, Aragón, Poyet, Geli (Nayim, 82’); Higuera, Esnáider. Cafú (49 años)Colgó las botas en el Milan en 2008 después de haberlo ganado todo. Fue propietario de una empresa de representación de futbolistas y actualmente es embajador del Mundial de Qatar 2022. Tiene su domicilio en Sao Paulo.VALERY HACHE AFP Goles: 0-1 (M. 44): Esnáider. 1-1 (M. 52): Raduta. 2-1 (M. 53): Lungu. WateryXavier Aguado Companys was born in Badalona (Barcelona) on June 5, 1968. Central defender. 1.88 in peak. Proper handed. Very clever in the defensive studying of the sport, he made the whole lot straightforward and was robust in the aerial sport and in the anticipation. Outstanding in defensive technique. Concentrated, very aggressive and of excessive efficiency. He began taking part in soccer at Tiana to leap successively to Badalona (1987-88) and Sabadell (1988-90). In the summer season of 1990 it was ceded by the harlequin membership to Actual Zaragoza for its Army Service till on October 27 Actual Zaragoza definitively acquired it for 28 million pesetas (168,674 euros). In the Aragonese membership he stayed 13 seasons (1990-2003), till a really critical damage (tearing of the hamstring muscle mass of his left leg) shortened his lengthy profession and compelled him to hold up his boots. He’s tied with Violeta, the participant who has performed the most official matches in the historical past of the membership, with 473. He additionally scored 29 targets. He made greater than sufficient deserves to have achieved internationality.Awards: two Cups (1994 and 2001) and one Recopa (1995).He performed eight Recopa video games, together with the ultimate, scoring a purpose. Arsenal – Auxerre1-11-0 JAVIER CEBOLLADA EFE FEYENOORD: De Goey; Van Gobbel, Maas, Trustfull, Frasser; Scholten, Refos, Bosz, Kiprich; Larsson, Blinker (Obiku, 76’). Jose Antonio Perez (DIARIO AS) El partido se fue a la prórroga, y en el último instante, cuando todo el mundo se preparaba para unos penaltis dramáticos. llegó la gloria. Mohamed Alí Amar ‘Nayim’, que en árabe significa ‘el afortunado’, vio muy adelantado a Seaman. Decidió tirar desde más de 49 metros y, ante la sorpresa de los 45.00Zero espectadores que abarrotaban el Parque de los Príncipes, lograba un gol que ha pasado a la historia del fútbol europeo. El Zaragoza conquistaba así su segundo título continental 31 años después. Árbitro: Cakar (Turquía). Expulsó a Franco (69’) y Sasarman (89’). 1-2 119’ Nayim, desde más de 40 metros y pegado a la banda derecha, sorprende por alto a Seaman. Oporto – Ferencvaros6-00-2 CHELSEA 3-1 REAL ZARAGOZA TATRAN PRESOV 0-Four REAL ZARAGOZA Nayim factors to the actual place from which he scored and remembers it: “I attempted as a result of I scored a pair of targets like this as a toddler taking part in in Ceuta. It’s important to hit it with the exterior and the ball makes that flight. Up and down”.ALFONSO REYES (DAILY AS) I knew I used to be in hassle after I noticed him kick, as a result of I had gone a bit forward and Nayim knew what he was doingDavid Seaman Esnáider marca el ritmo del Zaragoza en EuropaLas formidables actuaciones de Esnáider lideraron a los aragoneses en la Recopa. Tras comenzar contra dos equipos modestos, el Zaragoza dio su verdadera medida ante Feyenoord y Chelsea. Ante los de Rotterdam, los zaragocistas tuvieron que templar sus ánimos por el juego violento del equipo holandés. En ambos partidos el Feyenoord se quedó en inferioridad e incluso el húngaro Kiprich amagó con golpear al colegiado Markus Merk. En Londres, un gol de Aragón clasificaría al Actual Zaragoza.Criado en las categorías inferiores de Ferro Carril Oeste, un modesto conjunto argentino que alcanzó sus mayores logros de la mano de Carlos Timoteo Griguol y con Héctor Cúper en el terreno de juego, Juan Eduardo Esnáider se dio a conocer rápidamente tanto por su capacidad goleadora como por su mal carácter dentro del campo. Con diecisiete años fue el máximo goleador del Torneo Suramericano Sub-20. Fichado por el Actual Madrid, sería en el Zaragoza donde explotó sus condiciones goleadoras. El argentino fue el segundo máximo goleador del torneo, marcando goles a los cinco equipos a los que se enfrentó.Dieciseisavos De Closing Fig treeFrancisco Higuera Fernández nació en Escurial (Cáceres) el 30 de enero de 1965, pero pasó su infancia en Pizarro y Palma de Mallorca, a donde emigraron sus padres. Delantero. 1,73 de estatura. Diestro. Veloz, constante y con fantásticos desmarques de ruptura. Profundo en su juego y muy listo y valiente. Desbordaba como nadie y daba soluciones ofensivas los noventa minutos. Vivía siempre al límite del fuera de juego y sacaba ventaja de esta situación. Tenía un maravilloso juego sin balón. ‘Paquete’ debutó con 17 años en el primer equipo del Mallorca, en Segunda División, y en el verano de 1988 fichó por el Actual Zaragoza mediante un traspaso de 57 millones de pesetas (343.373 euros). Al equipo aragonés le dio un rendimiento espléndido durante casi una década (1988-97), disputando 341 partidos oficiales y marcando 77 goles. Jugó una temporada más en el Puebla de México, junto a Pardeza, y otras dos en el Xerez (1998-00), en Segunda B. Fue internacional absoluto en seis partidos, además de sub 16 y sub 18.Palmarés: una Copa (1994) y una Recopa (1995).Disputó ocho partidos de la Recopa, incluida la ultimate. Poyet (52 años)Se retiró del fútbol en 2004 en el Tottenham para hacerse entrenador. Ha pasado por los banquillos del Brighton, el Sunderland, el AEK de Atenas, el Betis, el Shenhua chino y Girondins de Burdeos. Actualmente se encuentra sin equipo. Reside en Londres y es comentarista en ‘Sky Sports activities’ de la Liga española.PEPE ANDRES DIARIO AS Árbitro: Gallagher (Inglaterra). Chelsea – V. Zizkov4-20-0 “There have been 1000’s of folks pushing that ball with me”, Mohamed Ali Amar, Nayim, would declare completely satisfied however serene in a phrase that grew to become immortal.A newspaper titled: “Allah is Nice.” Pardeza, captain of that legendary eleven, admits that he thought of a supernatural risk that escaped his illustration. As time pushes again the photographs of that night time, the fantasy of Paris grows, virtually at the identical velocity as Actual Zaragoza, immersed in a single of the worst crises in its historical past, tries to rise up once more with Víctor Fernández from the demolition to which an unnameable character subjected him for eight years. REAL ZARAGOZA 4-Zero GLORIA BISTRITA Remontada ante el Feyenoord Feyenoord – Zaragoza1-00-2 Árbitro: Koho (Finlandia). Expulsó a Bob Witschge (86’). “El corazón se me acelera cada vez que recuerdo la Recopa”Víctor Fernández revive a través de los canales de comunicación del Actual Zaragoza la ultimate de la Recopa, el ambiente vivido en el Parque de los Príncipes, los goles de Esnáider y Nayim y la posterior celebración en la plaza del Pilar al mismo tiempo que prepara el último asalto de lo que sería, según sus palabras, “la Recopa del siglo XXI”. Un ascenso que el Actual Zaragoza persigue desde hace siete temporada y que está muy cerca de lograr justo el año que se cumplen 25 años de la gesta de París.—Hoy ya se cumplen 25 años de la Recopa. Como pasa el tiempo, ¿verdad?—Va todo muy rápido. Parece que fue ayer, pero 25 años ya es una cifra muy respetable. Todo va a un ritmo altísimo y todo esto que estamos viviendo parece que aún te acerca más al pasado, pero el tiempo es el tiempo. Pese a su mayor calidad y su mejor juego a lo largo de los dos partidos, el Zaragoza tuvo que superar una más que injusta derrota ante el Feyenoord en Rotterdam para acceder a las semifinales. Los holandeses, que se quedaron en inferioridad numérica por su comportamiento agresivo en ambos choques, fueron superados por dos goles de Pardeza y de Esnáider, éste con una sensacional volea ante la que De Goey, meta holandés, no pudo hacer nada.Semifinales Goles: 1-0 (M. 5): Esnáider. 1-1 (M. 38): Kocis. 2-1 (M. 56): Óscar. Víctor Fernández (59 años)Un cuarto de siglo después de la ultimate de la París continúa al frente del Actual Zaragoza, con nada menos que 406 partidos dirigidos al membership aragonés. Ha entrenador también al Tenerife, al Celta de Vigo, al Betis, al Oporto, el Gante belga y el Deportivo, además de desempeñar durante dos años la dirección de la cantera del Actual Madrid.ALFONSO REYES DIARIO AS Brondby – Arsenal1-22-2 Enlarge Pardeza abrió el marcador contra el Chelsea. Brondby – Tirana3-01-0 There have been 1000’s of folks pushing that ball with meNayim Goles: 1-0 (M. 58): Pardeza. 2-0 (M. 72): Esnáider.last_img read more