VP Boakai Lauds NGOs’ Efforts

first_imgVice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Sr. has acknowledged the immense contributions that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have made to impact the country’s recovery process. According to him, the impact of NGOs in times of turmoil and the accompanying periods of healing and reconstruction have been so tremendous that the country would never forget or abandon them.The Vice President made the assertion Wednesday, December 04, at the first annual NGO Fair, held at the Executive Pavilion in Monrovia under the theme, “Liberia’s Transformation through Partnerships.”The fair brought together a conglomeration (collection) of the various NGOs that are operating in Liberia to highlight some of the projects they are undertaking across the country.Based on this idea, the VP added that the Liberian Government is firmly focused on its duty of creating and sustaining the requisite enabling atmosphere for productive interactions between the people and the NGO community.“As long as your work continues to proceed within the confines of established rules, your operations are assured of continuity in the enjoyment of full protection and support of this Government,” he assured the NGOs.In his keynote address, VP Boakai stressed that NGOs have been a major player in promoting human-oriented development strategies, adding that, “they need to do more in rural Liberia and go beyond existing only on signboards [billboards].”He explained that, “NGOs have provided critical humanitarian relief during our civil strife and remain helpful to Liberians when they experience natural disasters in their various communities, but it is time to move beyond being the mere voice of the “down trodden” and rather teach the voiceless to speak again and fight for themselves.”“In the wake of the massive help we have gotten from NGOs and other supportive sources such as partnered governments, Liberians must find themselves challenged to rise to the occasion and take full charge of their own destiny,” he indicated.The Vice President emphasized that the struggle to regain Liberia’s dignity is the real reason behind citizens’ quest for transformation. “As a people, we must renew hope and confidence in our own abilities to transform our country and shed the dependency syndrome that has gripped so many of us. We believe that partnerships with the international community are good because they help us to build strong institutions. But we must not become overly aid dependent and become perpetual wards of the donors or the NGO community.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

AFC is again clutching at imaginary straws

first_imgDear Editor,We have seen in the media that on several occasions the Alliance For Change (AFC) is doing intense manoeuvring to get the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to concede to negotiations to review the Cummingsburg Accord but the APNU is amusingly uninterested.It was reported that in February 2017 ‘the Alliance For Change has proudly announced the appointment of a special Cummingsburg Accord Review Committee (CARC)… to deal with representation at the Local Government level and the absence of a dispute resolution mechanism although that has been provided for in the Cummingsburg Accord’ among other ‘deficiencies’.However, President Granger, who is also the leader of APNU, made it clear that there is no obligation to review the Cummingsburg Accord. He stated that, “The Cummingsburg Accord has unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, a requirement to review the Accord after three years and that three years will expire after midnight on February 13, 2018,” the President said. Is it that the AFC made a strategic blunder by exposing their ignorance of the provisions of the Cummingsburg Accord? I will not say that they do not know the contents of the CA, but what the leaders of the AFC have been doing is to clutch at imaginary straws in an effort to stem the exodus of its members and supporters. They had to show that they have some breath remaining regardless how feeble that may be.On February 12, 2018, the AFC came to its senses and reported that there will be no discussion on the Cummingsburg Accord and the APNU before Wednesday, February 14, ‘as mandated by members last year’. Why were the members not told before that the Accord did not provide for a review before the third anniversary? It was just a game for public benefit!This game was then extended to February 17 when the AFC’s Leader Raphael Trotman said, ‘there will be no meeting before the 14th…We have an NEC meeting on the 17th [February 2018] and from there we decide on the way forward’. Now we have seen that three years have elapsed and the review is still to be done.However, on February 14, 2018 President Granger as Leader of the APNU stated that, ‘The AFC has several options, it can allow the accord to proceed as it is proceeding at present, it can allow it to expire on 2020 or it can make a request for a meeting…’ Will the AFC allow the Cummingsburg Accord to run until 2020? I do believe it will since they have gotten more than they deserve from the Accord and from all indications APNU’s nonchalance is a clear indication that the AFC should not press its luck further in the matter. The AFC no longer serves any useful and strategic purpose to the APNU and the latter is just waiting for an excuse to make them expendable.We have also seen that even though the AFC leader Trotman has made it clear that the Cummingsburg Accord does not contain anything about Local Government Elections, the AFC continues to waver on this issue, that is, whether to go alone or with the coalition. The AFC doing a solo will only expose its weakness and the APNU knows that. We have thus seen that either way, the APNU is not keen. The APNU is cognisant that the AFC has nothing to offer at the LGE, it support base is almost decimated. Those in the AFC who are enjoying the ‘good life’ may be in oblivion but the stark reality would suggest the ‘good life’ has been an orchestrated mirage to fool the masses. That mirage has now disappeared and the ‘good life’ prior to May 2015 has been eroded with great alacrity. The 2.1 per cent economic growth in 2017 and the precipitous decline in 2018 are strong evidences to suggest that the AFC made a monumental and unforgivable blunder to coalesce with the APNU!The AFC is again clutching at imaginary straws when it gives a two-week ultimatum to discuss LGE. The CA does not provide for that and the APNU is not interested whether they go solo or as a coalition. The AFC has been for a long time been ‘singing and dancing’ to its own tune!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councillor,Region Sixlast_img read more

Witness Implicates Commerce Ministry in ‘Dubious Trademark’

first_imgMr. Boubacar S. Blade, the prosecution’s first witness in the ongoing trademark certificate case, last week accused both the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) and the Liberia Industrial Property Office (LIPO) of duplicating the document to allow H.K. Enterprise to import and distribute Pop Drink in the country. H.K Enterprise is owned by a Lebanese businessman identified as Houssani Kessel.The certificate was issued to BAF Trading Corporation in 2009 by LIPO and the ministry allegedly authorizing BAF as the only company to import and sell the product in Liberia, according to Blade, who is the Import Manager of BAF.In his testimony at the Commercial Court, Blade further pointed out that the registration of trademark was very important because it provides protection to the holder of said document by securing the exclusive right to use it, or to charge a fee if another person was interested in importing the same product, but said that it did not happen. Instead, explained Blade, H.K. Enterprise used the duplicated certificate, which he alleged the MOC and LIPO awarded to his company on what he described as a “fast-track basis,” to import and distribute Pop Drink.According to him, in January 2014, LIPO’s acting managing director, Robert Mezzeh and the ministry took less than 7 days to approve H.K. Enterprise’s use of the document, which he claimed violated Article 40 ( 2), (VI) and (VII) of the Industrial Property Act of 2003.He did not explain what that article says.But he told the court that when BAF management observed that H.K. Enterprise had imported Pop Drink into the country, they immediately wrote a complaint to Mr. Meezeh, explaining about H.K. Enterprise’s violation of their trademark.“Unfortunately,” said Mr. Blade, “we tried every avenue to contact Mr. Meezeh on the issue but they did not materialize.”Based on that, he said they wrote similar complaints to Mr. Steve Marvee, assistant minister of Commerce and Trade at the MOC.“When we met with Marvee at his office, he told us that he was not in the position to speak on the issue because he had a planned trip outside of the country,” the prosecutor witness quoted Minister Marvee as saying.According to him, after they failed to meet with Marvee and Meezeh, it was then that they decided to get in contact with a man named Daina Saykay, who he said initially assisted them in obtaining the trademark from LIPO.“It was Saykay who made it possible for us to meet with Meezeh,” Blade added.Blade alleged that it was during the meeting they had with Meezeh in the presence of Saykay that he, Meezeh, admitted issuing the same certificate to H.K. Enterprise to import Pop Drink into Liberia.“After that he told us that we and Houssani Kessel, the Lebanese businessman, should use the same certificate to import and distribute the product in the market,” Blade told the court, adding, “He did not give us any reason why both businesses should use the same certificate. That is a complete violation of Chapter five (5) Article 44 (2) and 49 (1) of the Industrial Property Act,” Blade said in his testimony.He said they, however, rejected Meezeh’s suggestion.Later, their lawyer, Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe, on April 17, 2014, wrote MOC Minister Axel Addy and the minster afforded them the opportunity to meet with him.During the meeting, which all of the parties including LIPO, MOC and BAF attended, Minister Addy instructed Meezeh to collect all of documents and have them submitted to him.Minister Addy, he alleged, placed a ban on the importation and distribution of the Pop Drink in the country, pending the outcome of the investigation.After Minister Addy lifted the ban due to his findings, and authorized BAF to resume the importation and distribution of the Pop Drink, the Minister, according to Blade, warned H.K. Enterprise not to import the product into the country. “Based on Mr. Addy’s decision we wrote the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the MOC informing them that we had started importing the product back on the market,” he explained.Shockingly, Blade claimed, Minister Marvee of the MOC and the LIPO manager, without regard to the lifting of the ban and Mr. Addy’s directive, in March 2015, wrote H.K. Enterprise to continue with its importation of Pop Drink.“It is for this infringement, we have come to this court to award us damages to the tone of over one million United States dollars against the MOC, LIPO and H.K. Enterprise,” Blade plead when he ended his testimony Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Carroll back in training but Allardyce will not rush record signing into West Ham return

first_img1 West Ham’s club record signing Andy Carroll has resumed light training but manager Sam Allardyce is refusing to name a comeback date for the England forward.Carroll missed the majority of last season with a heel injury and suffered more heartbreak during the summer when he picked up an ankle injury on the club’s pre-season tour to New Zealand.The 25-year-old forward was expected to be ruled out for four months, but he is making a speedy recovery and has already started jogging at the club’s training ground.But Allardyce is refusing to put pressure on Carroll and says he will give him as much time as he needs to make a successful return to first-team action.Allardyce said: “I have no time whatsoever to put on it but he has started some jogging and to predict a time is wrong, particularly for Andy.“When you have an operation of that type you have to be guided by the specialists who did it and Andy himself to make sure we don’t take any risks too early.” Andy Carroll is back in training last_img read more


first_imgNaomh Padraig GAA News: CLUB LOTTO:There were two €50 winners in this week’s lotto the numbers drawn were 3-5-1-6-7-4-2. The winners was as follows: Ryan McCole, DrungKayla Gill, Aught TureNext Weeks Jackpot €550SENIORS The seniors suffered defeat in their first home game of the season against Na Rossa going down to a scoreline of 0-08 to 0-09. Next week the seniors and reserves are at home to Naomh Ultan.UNDERAGEUnder 6 and Under 8 training is on every Friday from 6.30pm to 7.45pm in Ture this is for boys and girls born in the year 2007,2008,2009, and 2010 all new faces welcome and can all boys and girls bring a water bottle and cost of session is €2 for info contact Daniel on 0862072745..Under -10 training will continue this Friday in Ture from 6.30pm to 7.45pm. This is for boys and girls born in the years 2005 and 2006. All new players welcome can all boys and girls bring water bottle and cost of the session is €2. For info contact Kevin on 0863576713.Under 12 Training for the 2015 season has started and will continue every Saturday in ture from 10.30am to 12pm. Please bring Trainers, Gum Shield, Water Bottle and €2. This is for players born in 2003 and 2004. New players welcome. Contact Damian for more info 087 7963559 Under-14 training is on every Sunday from11.30am to 1pm and every Wednesday aswell for details contact neil on 0863855855Under 16 and Minor training will take place every Monday and Friday evenings at 7pm to 8.15pm in ture.The U-12s continue this week with home games against Uriss and malin on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. The 16s are in action away to burt on Friday evening at 6.45pm.CAMOIGE Camoige for girls aged 6 and over will begin in Ture pitch on Thursday16th,April at 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Come along and join in the fun.BIG BREAKFASTThe club would like to thank everyone who helped out and supported the big breakfast in any way on Saturday morning.CHILDRENS CHARITY CONCERTOur Annual Childrens Charity Concert will take place in the Clubhouse on Friday May 1st. Proceeds to InishowenSpecial Olympics. Performances by children from the parish. For imformation contactEileen on 086 8720734.QUIZ NIGHTThere will be a Quiz in order to raise funds for defibrillator training for the Quigleys Point area. The defibrillator is currently in the village and it is very important that we have a number of people from the area fully trained in its use. Community support for this event would be greatly appreciated. the quiz will take place in the POINT INN on Friday 24th April at 9.30pm.CLUB APPOur new club app is now live on the App Store and google play store In the app you can play the clubs lotto every week through the games section and keep up to date with club events and wats happening within the club. Also there is direct links to Facebook and twitter. You can also share your photos of games you are at via the app. So get downloading and have a look for yourselfCLUB GEARThe club has a range of club gear for sale and are placing a order soon with O’Neills. If any one is interested in ordering new gear or purchasing some for details contact Dermot Mc Colgan on 0879978968As always keep up to date with club activities through Facebook,Twitter,Club APP and through are website on www.naomhpadraig.comGAA NEWS: NAOMH PADRAIG SUFFER HOME DEFEAT AGAINST NA ROSSA was last modified: April 13th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:GAANaomh PadraigNoticesSportlast_img read more

Man United in ‘advanced talks’ with ace, Liverpool to sign forward – gossip

first_img Where every Premier League club needs to strengthen in January 4 Cavani ‘agrees’ to join new club and will complete free transfer next summer Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade Crystal Palace are showing interest in West Ham winger Michail Antonio, with a £15m bid being considered. (Sky Sports)Everton hope to sign Lucas Digne, the full-back, as well as his Barcelona team-mate Yerry Mina. (Mirror)Southampton will loan out goalkeeper Fraser Forster having completed the signing of glovesman Angus Gunn from Manchester City earlier this week. (Daily Echo) targets Southampton have signed Denmark defender Jannik Vestergaard from Borussia Monchengladbach on a four-year deal. (southamptonfc.com)West Ham are set to confirm the signing of Felipe Anderson, the Lazio playmaker, with the Brazil international flying into London on Thursday night. (Sun)Jurgen Klopp has ruled out Liverpool signing a new goalkeeper this summer despite the ongoing problems with Loris Karius. Karius was at fault for another goal in Liverpool’s friendly with Tranmere on Tuesday evening. (Mirror) talkSPORT give you the lowdown on the latest transfer news and rumours from Friday’s papers and online…Chelsea have confirmed the sacking of Antonio Conte after two years in charge of the Stamford Bridge club. (chelseafc.com)Real Madrid have readied a bid for Eden Hazard, the Chelsea forward, totalling £150million. (Mail) The biggest market value losers in 2019, including Bale and ex-Liverpool star IN DEMAND The Blues themselves are rivalling Paris Saint-Germain in the race to sign Leonardo Bonucci from AC Milan. (Corriere dello Sport)Liverpool are set to complete the signing of Xherdan Shaqiri as the Stoke City winger will undergo a medical with the Merseyside outfit. (Liverpool Echo)Manchester United are said to be in ‘advanced talks’ with Internazionale over the signing of Croatia winger Ivan Perisic. (Sun)The Red Devils are also interested in bringing Leicester centre-half Harry Maguire to Old Trafford. Maguire shone for England at the World Cup, but he will cost around £50m. (Mail) LIVING THE DREAM Tony Cascarino backs Everton to sign two strikers for Carlo Ancelotti LATEST three-way race RANKED 4 REVEALED Kevin De Bruyne ‘loves Man City and wants to keep winning’, reveals father targets Sporting full-back Cristiano Piccini, 25, has emerged as a target for both Manchester United and West Ham. (Turkish Football)Fulham have entered the race to sign Manchester City wing-back Oleksandr Zinchenko this summer. Fellow Premier League new boys Wolves are also showing an interest in the £16m-rated 21-year-old. (Telegraph)And here are the latest talkSPORT.com headlinesEXCLUSIVE: French football expert Jeremy Smith says Fulham’s new midfielder Jean Seri is unplayableEXCLUSIVE: Sam Allardyce tells fans not to blame Gareth Southgate and says Harry kane should’ve scoredManchester United in advanced talks to sign Gareth Bale TOP WORK Liverpool’s signings under Michael Edwards – will Minamino be the next big hit? Arsenal transfer news LIVE: Ndidi bid, targets named, Ozil is ‘skiving little git’ Man United joined by three other clubs in race for Erling Haaland Loris Karius is set to start the season as Liverpool’s No.1 Southampton have signed England Under-21 goalkeeper Angus Gunn Latest transfer news Chelsea confident of beating Man United and Liverpool to Sancho signing 4 4 moving on Real Madrid want to replace Cristiano Ronaldo with Eden Hazard Gareth Bale could return to English football this summer Arsenal and Liverpool face battle with Lyon and Marseille to sign Simon KjaerBarcelona reveal new signing with bizarre videoWest Ham make offer to sign Lyon defender Marcelo GuedesLiverpool ready to make improved bid for Domagoj VidaMatteo Darmian could have his Manchester United contract extended to ease a loan move to Internazionale of Milanlast_img read more


first_imgThe State Pathologist’s office has been contacted after the body of a man who was found in Ballybofey yesterday.It is understood a pathologist is now on the way to Letterkenny General Hospital after the body of the man was removed there in the past couple of hours.The body was accompanied to the hospital by Gardai and forensics officers. The man was found dead with a gunshot wound by a family member yesterday afternoon.The scene was preserved and Garda crimes of scene officers have been carrying out tests at the house at Curraghmone all day.The man is believed to be in his late 50s or early 60s and it is understood he lived alone.A legally-held shotgun was found lying across the man’s body. Gardai were also suspicious after a number of footprints were found in the house.Gardai are remaining tight-lipped about the possibility that foul play was involved in the man’s death.One source suggested the investigation may be carried out merely as a precaution and that foul play may NOT be a factor in the man’s death. PATHOLOGIST ON WAY TO LETTERKENNY TO EXAMINE BODY FOLLOWING DEATH was last modified: January 5th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:BallybofeybodyLetterkenny General HospitalshotgunState Pathologistlast_img read more

Waller kids on fire to do right thing

first_img Tables and chairs had been set up inside the large banquet room for a wedding reception that was canceled because of the fires. It was the perfect spot to feed the firefighters a home-cooked meal. And there was plenty of space for them to set up cots and spread out blankets, so they could get a good night’s sleep with a roof over their heads. Mary Ellen asked Carol Henderson, general manager of the homeowners’ association, if they could open the center to feed and shelter the firefighters. Henderson didn’t hesitate. She handed Mary Ellen the keys and the association’s financial support. The Waller kids called their friends, and Ryan enlisted his buddies in Boy Scout Troop 175 to help make signs and hand out fliers, inviting firefighters and crews to stop by the community center for some R&R. Mary Ellen, her husband, Marshall, and their neighbor, Terri Walker, put the word out to other families in Bell Canyon: Cook like you’ve never cooked before. We’ve got more than 200 mouths to feed for a weeklong potluck. Local businesses chipped in, and more than 50 adults and kids showed up to serve the meals and bus tables. Within a day of coming home, the Waller kids’ idea to feed and shelter the firefighters took on a life of its own. “You and your neighbors went beyond what was expected in sheltering and providing food and drink for all the firefighters,” Sue Gomez, wife of Los Angeles City Battalion Chief Ray Gomez, wrote in a letter to the Waller family. John Duca, commander of Battalion 17, which protects the West Valley, also wrote a letter to the residents of Bell Canyon. “I spent three days out there with members from Los Angeles City, Ventura County, Santa Barbara City and County, Torrance, Los Angeles County, and Alameda County fire departments,” Duca wrote. “Your community really took care of us and we all deeply appreciate your generosity. Since the majority of firefighters were eating out of sack lunches, I can truthfully tell you that the hot meals you provided more than 200 of us were the talk of the town during many morning and evening briefings at the command post.” The Wallers and dozens of other families were honored Sunday by the homeowners association, and on Monday, the Waller kids got called into the principal’s office. For doing something right. Dennis McCarthy’s column appears Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Dennis McCarthy, (818) 713-3749 dennis.mccarthy@dailynews.com 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The Waller kids got called into the principal’s office Monday. They walked in, saw their mom talking to St. Bernardine’s School Principal Paula Dersom, and got that “Uh, oh, what did we do wrong?” look on their faces. Ryan, 12, and his 10-year-old sister, Lauren, hadn’t done anything wrong. They had done something very right. When the Waller family returned to their Bell Canyon home after a two-day evacuation because of the recent Topanga Fire, the kids asked their parents to drive them around the neighborhood to see how close the fire had come. The family got a first-hand look at just how hard the firefighters had worked to save the 600 homes in Bell Canyon. But it was something else that caught the Waller kids’ eyes. Exhausted firefighters sleeping on the driveways of homes they were protecting. Others eating dinner out of brown paper bags. That’s not right, Ryan told his parents. That’s not how a neighborhood should show its gratitude to the men and women who fought to save their homes. “He and Lauren wouldn’t let it drop when we got home,” Mary Ellen Waller said. “They kept saying we had to do something, and they were right.” The family went to the Bell Canyon Community Center to see if anything had been set up by returning neighbors to assist and thank the firefighters. Nothing had. last_img read more

A national disgrace

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week First the Department of Energy, which was charged with paying the claims, dragged its heels in a fit of bureaucratic stinginess. Then, in 2004, Congress ostensibly fixed this problem by shifting responsibility to the Department of Labor, but the delays continue. Of some 600 claims filed by former Santa Susana Field Lab workers, only seven have been paid. It’s a national disgrace. Think about that time frame: 50 years. Many of the workers who toiled in those facilities have since passed away. Most are now in retirement. They’ve lost decades of good health, years from their life span, and their life savings to pay for treatment. At this point, they’ll be lucky to live long enough to see their claims get paid. There’s no excuse for this kind of delay. These are people to whom our country owes a real debt, not just for the suffering they have endured, but also for the vital work they did. It’s been as long as 40 or even 50 years since workers at the Santa Susana Field Lab did critical work on government contracts that helped America to win the Cold War and enter the Space Age. And many of them have have experienced health problems ever since, presumably because of their exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals. But, for all their suffering, the suffering of their families, the medical bills and the workers’ comp-related legal costs, they’ve received little or no help from the country that has benefited tremendously from their sacrifice. Four years ago, Congress passed, and President Bill Clinton signed into law, legislation that was, at last, supposed to give these affected families up to $150,000 apiece – not a lot, given what they’ve been through, but at least some genuine effort at compensation. But it never turned out that way. There’s no undoing the mistakes of the past. But we have a national obligation to do our best to make up for those mistakes now.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more